Meet The Bride Of Habaek & Why You Need To Watch Now

Make it your next K-Drama obsession

It doesn’t seem to matter how many K-Dramas we devour – we just keep coming back for more. Fortunately, there isn’t a shortage of good ones out there. But for right now, we have our eyes set on The Bride of Habaek.

Also known as The Bride of the Water God, the K-Drama introduces us to psychiatrist So-ah (Shin Se-kyung), a realist that doesn’t believe in fate and the gods. But in a cruel twist of the universe, she was born into a family that is destined to serve the water god Ha-baek (Nam Joo-hyuk) for generations. More so, he has come to visit Earth in order to find the stone that will help him keep his throne.

It has a fantasy element to it

Fantasy-dramas aren’t exactly new, especially to us Pinoys, but The Bride of Habaek puts its own adorable spin on the concept. That said, the introduction of gods and other supernatural beings is put at the forefront of the series in all the glory that special effects have to offer.

The tension is nakakakilig

Unlike most romantic series, The Bride of the Water God isn’t all out on the romance. So-ah becomes the bride as the name implies, but she isn’t exactly thrilled about the idea. So instead of sweet moments, we get a lot of tension-filled instances that balances between hate and just completely giving in.

The conflict

No drama is complete without a little conflict and this new K-Drama is no exception in this regard. Other than the personal one between So-ah and Ha-baek, more is mixed into the story when the water goddess Mu-ra (Krystal) and the demi god Hu-ye (Lim Ju-hwan) show up.

Bride of Habaek is something different that you won't regret taking a bite out off. In fact, we guarantee you'll never want to put it down. 

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