The Chainsmokers: Then and Now & Why We’re Still Tuned In

We’re thrilled they’re coming back



In 2014, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall broke through the entertainment industry as the DJ/Production duo we all know as The Chainsmokers. Since then, the pair has been on a spiral heading up as one of music’s most hated-yet-loved acts.


Started with a #Selfie

Some three years ago, The Chainsmokers released #Selfie, an LMFAO-inspired take on modern vanity and duck-faced beauty. It made fun of girls’ insecurities, nights out and petty battles—and while it was catchy, it made the duo more infamous than famous. They were called sell-outs and they were hated, but Taggart and Pall evidently embraced it.



They released a 91-tweet rampage against United Airlines, attacked Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion and even called their own VMA performance “sh*t”. They were never apologized and they never let up.


Hit after hit

At that point, The Chainsmokers had our attention and they exploited this like nothing else. They released hit after hit and we were soaking them up and dancing to their beats. Roses, Closer, Don’t Let Me Down and Something Just Like This are tracks we all know, whether we support the pair or not.



Why we’re still onboard

Their persona might not be the most refreshing thing to follow, but they have a talent for getting a crowd on their feet and dancing in to their rhythm. Their music can be broken down to a tried and tested equation that just has us hooked: Song composition, nostalgia-fueled lyrics, the way they release their work and the all-important pop-drop.


The pop-drop is that moment in their popular songs that has the chorus acting more like a build-up to a non-lyrics chorus instead of being the actual heart of the song. Refer to Selena Gomez’s It Aint’t Me and Calvin Harris’ This Is What You Came For as an explanation. The hook gets us and we aren’t looking forward to letting it go just yet.



The Chainsmokers are making their way to Manila in September. So whether you love them, hate them, or love to hate them, click here to know how you can get tickets to one of the hottest concerts this year.




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