The Defenders and Death Note Are Coming. Here’s What You Need To Know


Get your schedules ready; it’s time to binge.


Netflix has been riding on a momentum that just won’t stop. And with The Defenders and Death Note just a few weeks away from us, it doesn’t look like the streaming site is going to stop any time soon. Here’s what’s new on Netflix.


The Defenders

There’s arguably one common understanding when it comes to The Defenders – that they’re much better together than they are apart. With the upcoming Netflix mini-series, we know that Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand will be teaming up to battle against The Hand, a shady organization with a ninja army that just won’t quit. Not to mention, we have Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra to look forward to.


We’ll finally see how each individual hero works together in a group. Daredevil is reportedly all in on offense, while Luke takes on his role on defense. And while Danny is eager and a little more naïve than the rest of the group, Jessica seemingly detests having to fight and just wants it all to be over and done with.


Marvel’s The Defenders is scheduled to premiere on Netflix this August 18. Watch The Defenders trailer below.



Death Note

Anime fans are all too familiar with Death Note and its story, which might be why the Netflix movie has received mixed reviews thus far. The film will still follow the journey of Light Yagami as he finds the notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god that states the names of humans who will die. But don’t expect it to be straight out of the manga.


Director Adam Wingard has gone on the record to say that while the Death Note live action adaptation is still a thriller at heart, the movie isn’t actually encapsulated by just one genre. “It has comedy, romance and there’s even a musical mashup, kind of,” Wingard said. “I’ve treaded the line of trying to play with genre tropes.”


Netflix Death Note will premiere on August 25. To ease you in to the movie, watch the trailer below.




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