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The Coolest Sneakers in The Get Down We Want to Have

These kicks might just make a comeback

Set in 1977 New York City, director Baz Luhrmann captures the state of the crime-ridden, dilapidated streets of the city in his first foray into television. But beneath the grime, he pays tribute to the creativity that began to blossom: the birth of hip-hop in the Bronx. Netflix’s TV series The Get Down made sure to perfect grueling details to capture the essence of the ’70s—with a whopping $10 million budget per episode—through a savvy script, elaborate sets, a swinging soundtrack and period-correct costumes—costumes that designer Jeriana San Juan got down pat. According to San Juan, a little sartorial slip-up was enough to be untrue to the whole scene. A detail of each costume she made certain was authentic were the shoes, more specifically, sneakers.

“Shao double o’seven? Man, his Pumas are always pristine,” says Marcus, Jaden Smith’s character as he fawns over his idol Shaolin Fantastic played by Shameik Moore. Shaolin is the fictional graffiti legend who scales the Bronx’s subways and walls with spray-paint yet keeps his shoes spotless all throughout.

There was also a sense of hierarchy in sneakers, which is still very prevalent today. Your average joe wore Converse and PRO-Keds, while the yearned-after Pumas were for the more upscale. And if you hade some colors and textures for certain sneakers that were harder to find, you were cool.

The Get Down’s costumes and accessories said much about each character’s personality, social class and degree of coolness. History repeats itself and trends from the past are quickly seeping into modern fashion. The show sings an ode to sneakers, which were, and still are, a cornerstone of hip-hop today.


Words by: Lala Singian

Photo Via Screen shot of The Get Down

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