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The #GlobeFam Is Unafraid to Show #MadLoveFor Childhood Obsessions | go! | Globe

The #GlobeFam Is Unafraid to Show #MadLoveFor Childhood Obsessions

The Globe ambassadors tell us their innocent #MadLoveFor stories

Children don’t understand the concept of guilty pleasures because nothing to them is tied to embarrassment. The only standard for cool is whether or not they enjoy something or if it gives them any form of happiness. Back then, they were innocent obsessions that we adored and couldn’t get enough of.

We were all madly in love with something when we were younger. And on February 9, some Globe ambassadors let us in on what their childhood was filled with—and some of them will surprise you!

Solenn Heussaff

Celebrities—they’re just like us! And that includes throwing down some (relatively) harmless watusilike a young Solenn Heusaff. 

Nico Bolzico

Once a football fan, always a football fan. Nico Bolzico was, is and will always be obsessed with the sport. 

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

Now a mom herself, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal remembered how she was obsessed with ketchup and mayo on absolutely everything—bread and rice included. 

Kaila Estrada

She may have been young when Britney Spears was the pop princess, but Kaila Estrada clearly saw the makings of an icon. 

Janina Vela

From Snow White to Moana and Aladdin to Prince Naveen, Janina Vela loves all things Disney all the time. 

Lloyd Cadena

Lloyd Cadena tells it like it is. We definitely still remember the lyrics to “You’ll Always Be My Baby,” too. 

LA Aguinaldo

Might not seem it, but LA Aguinaldo definitely spent a number of sunny afternoons just chilling out and getting lost in the world of anime. 

Hannah Reyes-Morales

One word rings true for all Harry Potter fans: Always. And for Hannah Reyes-Morales, that mad love started early and came on strong. 

Pia Padre

Pia Padre is a Barbie girl through and through! With a collection of “a hundred,” we don’t doubt it one bit. 

10 Sino Pinas

Obsessions become passions as the founders of Sino Pinas have proven. These boys took a love for toys to a collection, climbing trees to hiking mountains and playing around to a national love. 

11 Nikko Ramos

Age is just a number and legends will always be legends. Nikko Ramos is madly in love with the 1987 Los Angeles Lakers team and can talk about that season’s championship game against the Boston Celtics like it happened ten minutes ago. 

12 Gio Levy

Who says you can only choose one? Gio Levy definitely doesn’t think so. Once a boy (and now a man) making the most of his life, Gio was all about Spiderman, Pokémon, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. 

This year, we’re all for celebrating Mad Love. Tell us, what’s yours?  

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

Vibe check! How does this make you feel?

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