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All the Reasons to Love The Pool Show

There are regular web shows and then there’s The Pool Show

Launched just last month, The Pool Show is unlike any other web show you’ve seen before. Shaking up the scene with big laughs, celebrity guests and everything in between, the first episode gave viewers a taste of the kind of sheer madness they can look forward to every month.

Missed the pilot and not quite sure what all this poolish buzz is about? Look no further. From here, we count all the reasons why The Pool Show is well worth your view and why you’re bound to love it (it’s inevitable, really!).

The Hosts

We’ve got all sorts of rare Pokémon over on this side of the interwebs. There’s Bela Padilla, The Pool Show’s main host and pack leader of sorts (in case you missed it, she told fortunes and got hitched in the first episode alone). Also shaking up the scene are segment hosts Suzy Gamboa, Aaron Atayde and Bea Benedicto—a trio of troopers who seem to be willing to do almost anything for a good laugh. And how could we forget guest-turned-host Donny Pangilinan? Every episode’s gonna be a wild ride with these five.

The Segments

Alright, the truth is there are about 10,000 different things that happen when The Pool Show goes live. Thankfully, the show’s got segments! Poolutan, for instance, is fast, fun and easy with listicles and tidbits of listen-and-go news. Think of it as that glorious mid-afternoon merienda that keeps you alive in the midst of a crazy day (because man, does it get crazy here). Deep Dive, on the other hand, is the monthly discussion that goes on in and around the iconic blow-up pool, while The Splash is for live performances by special guests. On top of these are seasonal segments which change depending on the flavor of the month. Each one of these show segments is just about as noisy and laugh-inducing as the next, so we salute you if you’ve found a favorite one already.

The Aesthetic

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Imagine an Insta-ready paradise—pink and blue walls, an inflatable pool, an arsenal of costume props and not a single dull corner in sight—and you might have a good idea of what The Pool Show’s humble home of a set looks like. An aesthetic dream come true, tuning into a single episode can prove to be a full-blown attack on the senses in the best of ways.

The Kulit Factor

In case it isn’t obvious yet, if it’s a good time you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. One of the reasons The Pool Show is the rollercoaster it is because of how candid everything is. Whether it’s the whole gang trying to find out who can hold their breath the longest or a cosplay battle involving foam swords and fly swatters, there’s a side-serving of kulit to every single thing that goes on when the cameras start rolling.

The Fan Involvement

By now we know that the show is many things: it’s fun and cool and weird, yes, but on top of all that it’s also awfully inclusive of its viewers. Rounding up fans’ tweets, playing games on them a la Cannonball and throwing in a giveaway here and there are just the beginning. Fans can expect even more chances to get involved, especially since the promise of having fan guests on the show has yet to be fulfilled.

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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