Here’s What You Missed on the First Episode of The Pool Show

Stay poolish!

The pilot episode of The Pool Show, the absolutely candid, no-holds-barred monthly web show hit the waves yesterday. With Bela Padilla leading the troupe, the program’s first chapter gave us a peek into the kind of madness we can expect from here on out: unscripted commentary, celebrity guests, games and giveaways, and plenty of side-splitting laughs.

Fresh off the current, we fill you in on all the things you missed from the first broadcast.

Bela the Fangirl Comes Clean

We’ve all got an inner fangirl or fanboy in us—apparently this rings true even for The Pool Show’s main gal, Bela Padilla, who openly admitted that she sent a message to Something in the Rain’s lead actor, Jung Hae In, on Instagram. Spoiler: he didn’t read it, but it was worth a shot, right?

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Aaron and Suzy Mess Up Their Tastebuds

Can’t take the heat? Get out of the kitchen. Thankfully, segment hosts Aaron and Suzy were complete troopers as they chowed down on a bowl of the infamous Korean fire noodles—all for the love of Poolutan. With occasional coughs and reddened lips, the pair discussed K-Pop royalty Super Junior’s history, their ever passionate fans, and their upcoming concert at the end of the month.

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The Secret Guest, Revealed!

There was buzz going around about The Pool Show inviting a secret guest over for their pilot episode. Half an hour into the show, the complete line-up of hosts stopped their hilarious horoscope segment and called on their guest of honor, Donny Pangilinan.

The Hosts Dive Deep

Yesterday’s episode introduced us to the key segments of The Pool Show, one of the many being Deep Dive. Making the program’s blue inflatable pool logo into a reality, this portion of the program allows the hosts and guests to bond within the confines of a ball-filled, blow-up pool. Testing their friendship and daring to get even closer, Bela, Bea, Suzy, Aaron and Donny unearthed throwback tweets from their Twitter accounts. Can you guess who tweeted what?

3D Talks Music and Memories

One of last night’s main events was the guesting of 3D: Danao, Dancel, Dumas, a local act formed by three extremely talented musicians. They looked back on their beginnings, shared their most unforgettable experiences and graced the live viewers with solo songs and a group performance. Don’t be shy about singing along with them; who are we to judge when we can hardly resist? Pwede ba kitang tabihan?

It’s hard to believe that all that and much, much more happened in the span of two hours. But what can we say? Things can get a little crazy in the pool. Be sure to watch the first episode in full below, and like or follow The Pool Show on YouTubeFacebookInstagram and Twitter so you never miss out on the fun.

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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