The Vampire Diaries: Redemption, Romance & Acceptance

Let’s be honest, it was never about Stefan and Elena

Yes, it finally happened. The door to Mystic Falls has closed and the stories we fell so deeply in love with have ended. There is no more debating about whether or not it was Damon or Stefan who was perfect for Elena, no more fear of Katherine and no more question about which of the brothers deserved happiness. There is no more, except discussion.

Fair warning: Spoilers ahead in a neatly wrapped package.

Stefan makes the ultimate choice.

Stefan, being the martyr that he is, sacrificed himself so that Damon could be with Elena. The Salvatore brothers argued which among them would die for the cause, but Stefan outwitted Damon in the end. He spoke to Elena while he was in the in-between and explained his heartbreaking and completely selfless choice.

“I wanted Damon to live. And I wanted you to have the opportunity to know him,” he said. “He’s the better man. He’s the right man.”

Damon, the man that believed he was beyond saving, was saved. Elena, who swung back and forth between an all-consuming love and the proper love, was dealt a hand she could only accept. And Caroline, with her heart and courage and understanding, lost the love she always wanted. 

Props to Bonnie, Alaric and Matt.

Because all these vampires would be no where without Bonnie, and she sacrificed her life over and over. And even when she thought she could finally be with Enzo, she came back knowing she was not finished and saved the day—again. 

Because Alaric was always great and keeping everybody grounded. And without him, the twins would have grown up without a mother.

Because Matt was the most human of all the characters, both figuratively and literally. And he lost a lot, but we learned so much.  

The ending no one expected, but everyone deserved.

Think coming home to family, because that’s exactly what happened and that is exactly what the show was always about. Elena, after what we can only assume was a well-lived and long life beside Damon, got her family back. Meanwhile, Damon was ready to welcome Stefan back into the Salvatore home. 

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