Listen to What Third Eye Blind Has to Say about Your #LifeProblems

Sing along to these Third Eye Blind songs that might just help you get over a few life humps


Third Eye Blind’s brand of rock can do more than just make your feet tap and your head bop. The sweet blend of vocalist Stephan Jenkins’ leadership in the songwriting department alongside the killer musicianship from drummer Brad Hargeaves, guitarist Kryz Reid, keyboardist Alex Kopp and bassist Alex LeCavalier has been proven a tried-and-test formula that can not only electrify thousands but also offer wisdom, enlightenment, and more.



Ever wondered how instantaneous these dudes sound can have an impact on you? Discover Third Eye Blind’s luring charm through these four tracks and how they can instantly inject positive vibes into your system.


Current Life Hump: “Getting ripped off” and “feeling had” are the prominent issues you’ve been dealing with your life lately.

The Got-Your-Back Tune: “Jumper” from the album Third Eye Blind (1997)

Why: The song discusses themes like bullying and suicide. “When I wrote it, there was this kind of darkness to it. But now when I sing it, it feels exalted and you see the audience—they sing most of it and you can see this release,” said Stephan during an interview in the online radio show 95.5PLJ. If things haven’t been going your way, find solitude in this anthem.


Current Life Hump: Trying your best to get over your ex. So far, it’s been brutal.

The Got-Your-Back Tune: “Everything is Easy” from the album Dopamine (2015)

Why: This track will help you squash any lingering sadness and help you understand that heartbreaks can actually lead to new beginnings. Stephan describe the whole vibe like a “summer’s heartbreak”. The mix of driving melody and poignant lyrics would help you get over any aches of the romantic kind.


Current Life Hump: You’ve just been lain down by a risk you took—whether a botched business decision or even a leap of faith in the name love.

The Got-Your-Back Tune:  “Summer Town” from album Ursa Major (2009)

Why: You survive slip-ups by being honest with yourself and acknowledging the ills. “I wish I was a spray can and I’d write my name on the world. I wish I was a megaphone with my speaker blown, to get myself known” are arguably the song’s most powerful lyrics. Just let them take over you.


Current Life Hump: You’re about to step into the real world. It’s been a month since graduation. Tomorrow is your first day of work but you’re just not feeling it.

The Got-Your-Back Tune: “Sharp-Knife” from the album Ursa Major (2009)

Why: Especially when the line, “And it seems like the ending is a lot like the start. Stephan spoke about the song’s liberating message in an interview on the online radio show Radio 104. 5. “Sometimes when things end, you feel like you haven’t gone anywhere.” This track will help you understand that new beginnings sometimes don’t come in the most amusing and exciting of packages.

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