The Biggest Questions We Have About Thor: Ragnarok

Was anyone else expecting that trailer?

Thor: Ragnarok released its first teaser trailer a few days ago and even the biggest Marvel fans were taken a little bit aback. It had everything that we’ve learned to expect from the franchise, including a lot of action and some well-placed comedy. But there were also a few aspects of the clip that caught us completely by surprise. 

What happened to Mjölnir?

For years, we’ve been led to believe that only the rightful person, a.k.a Thor, could wield Mjölnir. There was even a clip from The Avengers when all the heroes tried to lift it to no avail—although Captain America did nudge it just a bit.

So who was that lady in black that stopped Mjölnir mid throw and literally crushed it? How could she do that? We know that it’s Hela, as played by the wonderful and talented Cate Blanchett, but we can’t wait to see what else she can do.

What will Thor fight with now?

While he is a God, there is no denying that Thor could only control thunder and lightning with Mjölnir. If that’s gone, what is he left with other than more-than-human strength and endurance we can only dream of? The trailer showed a club and a shield, but we’re curious to see how he can hold his own with these seemingly standard weapons.

Where is Thor’s hair?

Okay, we can answer this one well enough—it’s because he’s made to battle in an arena as a gladiator. But it’s strange to see him this way just the same. It’s like seeing Tony Stark without his beard.

Why is The Hulk there?

Marvel does have a talent for putting two or more storylines into one movie, but we’re curious to see what will happen with this new partnership. Thor clearly makes a reference to when he and The Hulk battled together, but The Hulk doesn’t seem to care very much and initiates an attack. We can’t tell whether or not this is based on strategy or sheer forgetfulness.

How is Asgard dead?

In front of an entire army, Hela announces that Asgard is dead. Her statement is quickly followed by a huge explosion that seems to consume the entire city. And we’re left without a clue after that. 

Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to hit cinemas on October 25. Make sure you don’t miss out on a ticket with GMovies.

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