Pinoy’s Trese vs. DC’s Gentleman Ghost and Ra’s Al Ghul

Place your bets, these guys are ready to rumble!


Photo via Trese Comics

Paranormal investigator, police consultant, peace-keeper of the Underworld, and also the owner of The Diabolical nightclub and cafe, Trese is the person to turn to when crime takes a turn for the strange and eerie in Manila. Her investigative method in finding the truth through both normal and magical means is well-known to the non-human and human denizens of the city. She owns a magical kris forged from a pure soul that serves as a multi-purpose tool to cut through lies and defeat her opponents. She wears a variety of other items such as the Cloak of Takipsilim, but their exact uses have been shrouded in mystery from everyone but herself.

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An English thief slayed in the 1800's, Gentleman Ghost would rise again to become a specter of the night hell-bent on thievery and death for the sole purpose of becoming human again. He would join many villainous groups such as the Injustice Society and the Secret Society of Super Villains. His ghoulish abilities range from teleporting across several states, becoming intangible and summoning canes to shoot out spectral fire.

Leader of the League of Assassins, master assassin Ra’s Al Ghul has developed an impressive mastery in chemistry and physics while still having an unparalleled skill in hand-to-hand combat, bladed weaponry and martial arts—he’s only rivaled by his pupil Bruce Wayne. In the 600 years he has lived, he has constant access to something called a Lazarus pit, which has brought him back to life over and over again.


It wouldn't be unheard of for Ra's Al Ghul to take a side trip into the city in search of a valuable item. He's undoubtedly heard of Manila's "Protector," so he recruits Gentleman Ghost to orchestrate a series of heists and attacks to keep Trese occupied. But this wouldn't fool her. She knows something is up, so she sends her allies to fight Gentleman Ghost while she makes her way to a warehouse to confront Ra's Al Ghul.

But Gentleman Ghost defeats Trese's allies and he summons manifestations of her fallen friends to haunt and taunt her. Still, Trese manages to fight him. She enacts a ritual that fulfils Gentleman Ghost's wish to turn human once more, with the added bonus of sending him to his second death. She then goes after Ra's Al Ghul, who has been patiently watching from the sidelines. They engage in arm combat that makes her realize she's outmatched in every single fighting art she tries to employ. In desperation, she calls upon spell after spell against him until she summons a Santelmo that manages to set his clothes ablaze and send him away. There is no victory here. Only survival. A tie. 

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