TV Shows We'll Definitely Miss

All good shows must come to an end

The year 2021 is no stranger to seeing good things end. The pandemic has put a delay—and even an abrupt stop—to some of our favorite series. But there are inevitable endings that we must face, and some of those are the TV shows that announced and premiered their last seasons. 

Here’s an amazing lineup of TV shows that will be missed by many. Those with endings well-written, characters whose paths were given justice and messages that will continue to keep us going even after a long time.

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The opulent drama Pose ended this year on its third season. Here, it’s the mid-90s, when the AIDS epidemic is nearing its peak. Members of the disbanded House of Evangelista are pursuing their own paths, building their lives and relationships for the future. But the extravagant and inherently political life of the underground ballroom scene pulls them back, as the house reunites with Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) at the helm to assert their legacy.

Kim's Convenience

The sitcom follows the Korean-Canadian Kim family through their daily lives as they run their convenience store in Moss Park, Toronto. Appa (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee), Umma (Jean Yoon), Janet (Andrea Bang) and Jung (Simu Liu) reconcile the cultural differences and the struggles of growing up and going independent. The TV show, despite its controversial end, united minorities by visibly depicting their real lives, especially in the midst of a sensitive time surrounding Asians in western countries.

The Bold Type

Being a young millennial woman working in a women’s magazine isn’t all about glitz and glamour, as told by The Bold Type. The fifth season of The Bold Type follows these women as they make more difficult decisions. Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens), Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) and Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) are now more stable with their careers in the heart of New York City. Yet, there are still adulthood struggles they need to face together, tough career decisions and conflicting romances included.


The second half of Lucifer’s fifth season focuses on the issues going on in the Morningstar family. God chooses to retire in an alternate universe, leaving Michael and Lucifer (both portrayed by Tom Ellis) vying to be his successor. The devil has to deal with that and everything in between, such as mending relationships and getting Chloe (Lauren German) back. But that’s not the end, as the recently renewed sixth season will officially be the last.


New place, new beginnings and a new life away from home. Atypical follows the whole Gardner family as they grapple with the constant change in their lives. In the fourth and last season, Sam (Kier Gilchrist) is coping with dangerous grades and figuring his life out after college. Meanwhile, Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine) is taking a new step exploring herself. Here, they learn that love and support come in different forms and, true to its name, all endings aren’t typical.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

From Halloween Heists and undercover aliases to dozens of cases solved, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming to a close after eight seasons. As Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) juggle life as new parents with their demanding job of crime-solving, there’s no doubt that New York’s finest will finish the show with a bang and a whole load of laughs. The last and final season is set to premiere on NBC this coming August 12, where they’ll be “going out in a blaze of glory.” 

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Sometimes, things just need to come to an end. But when it comes to these shows, at least we can continue to revisit them. 

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