‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Getting a Second Season: Here’s What We Know So Far

The adventures—and misadventures—of this band of superheroes continue

It’s only been two months since The Umbrella Academy premiere, but for any fan who devoured the Netflix original in one go, it’s never too soon for some news on what comes next. Confirmed on April Fool’s Day this year (except it’s for real), lovers of the hit new series can breathe easy. It’s official: the series is set to return for a second season, which means more Vanya, Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus and Number Five and certainly more Umbrella Academy mayhem in about a year or so.

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Based on the comic by My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way and DC comic book artist Gabriel Bá, The Umbrella Academy is the era’s superhero palate cleanser in a universe dominated by legendary players such as Marvel and DC.

The story, created for television by Steve Blackman (Bones, Fargo and Altered Carbon) and developed by Jeremy Slater (Death Note), speaks to fantasy that’s never without a touch of lunacy. It features characters that are the seemingly-beyond-help type of dysfunctional yet they’re perfectly endearing, too.

As the offbeat band of sibling superheroes readies to pick up where the massive cliffhanger of season one leaves off, clearly there are questions regarding the past and future left unanswered. Given that, the finale takes the series’ signature mode of storytelling (by way of flashbacks) into overdrive, leaving any first-time viewer scurrying to pick up their jaw off the floor.

Could this be one of the very few apocalypse plotlines in superhero history where the protagonists were unable to subvert world-ending disaster? Which time period are the kids of the Umbrella Academy traveling to? Then there’s the other burning question: are we ever going to meet any of the other 36 children born on October 1, 1989?

Until 2020/2021 (the projected release of season two), fans will just have to live in suspense. Then again, there are features like the one below that round up everything viewers need know about The Umbrella Academy season two thus far. Dig in and begin the countdown:

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Everybody from the main cast is expected to return.

The Hargreeves children will definitely be back. With each of their backstories now illuminated by the first season, Vanya (Ellen Page), Luther (Tom Hopper), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), Diego (David Castañeda), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Number Five (Aidan Gallagher), and Ben (Ethan Hwang) will have to pick up the pieces following the chaos in “The White Violin.”

Will the Umbrella Academy work together or wind up turning on one another? What happens to Vanya following her literally earth-shattering breakdown? Whose powers flounder and whose will become fully realized? All are answered in season two.

Writer Steve Blackman will be back, too.

What’s the sophomore season without the original showrunner? Back to the grind, and should the first season production schedule follow, it will take Blackman and his team roughly a year and a half to produce the second instalment, too.

Season two will begin filming this summer in Toronto.

Location scouting for the production team began back in March, something that keen observers in and around Toronto, Canada, took as confirmation that season two indeed was in the works.

According to Screen Rant, The Umbrella Academy creators are looking into farms and farm houses. “Residential properties, farms and farm houses in rural Southern Ontario have received letters of interest in using the premises as a re-occurring location for ‘The Umbrella Academy’ season two,”reported Screen Rant. “The letter's listed address is from Cinespace Studio, which has reportedly rented over 150,000 square feet of space from Netflix's new downtown Toronto-based studio.”

It will focus on the second volume of The Umbrella Academy comic entitled “Dallas.”

With deliberately unexpected deviations from the plot in the widely celebrated comic by Way and Bá, the challenge for Blackman is to strike a balance between what fans of the series and the comic can both appreciate.

“For the graphic novel fans, I still wanted to give [a first season] ending that was similar to the graphic novel. The ending’s different, but similar ideas are in there so that real fans won’t feel cheated,” Blackman told ComicBookMovie.com. “I really wanted to get back to ‘Apocalypse Suite,’ even having our composer Jeff Russo to spend a lot of time on that. The guy’s won an Emmy. He wrote that from scratch, the whole ‘Apocalypse Suite.’ All that music you’re hearing is Jeff Russo’s score. It’s a 90-person orchestra, it’s all original music, and it’s all fit to what we’re doing.”


Fans might as well expect the third season.

With “Apocalypse Suite” and “Dallas” down, that leaves the third and last volume “Hotel Oblivion” on the pipeline.  “There [are] eight graphic novels planned in total, and we're on the third series right now,” comic co-creator Gerard Way told The Hollywood Reporter. “Steven knows what happens in all of those eight volumes; I wrote up this document for him and the writers, which explains what will happen through all of the graphic novels.”

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Answers come to the fore in the exciting second season!

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