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How to Be the Best Wanderer at Wanderland

Wanderer 101

There’s nothing quite like a music festival. Letting loose, listening to music, rubbing elbows with fellow festival-goers: the experience is the kind that’s bound to stay tucked between your best memories, bringing with it a surge of bubbling nostalgia every time you call it to attention.

This year, the most-awaited music and arts festival in the metro is set to spark even more moments worth remembering with Wanderland Magic. For the first time ever, Wanderland is bringing back-to-back action across two days on March 9 and 10. Happening at the Filinvest City Events Grounds, this year’s event is sure to be one for the books.


But, wait a second—before we get to the post-festival reminiscing, let’s talk about what’s to come at the fest itself. While there’s no question that it’ll be well worth your weekend, there are definitely simple ways every Wanderer can ensure that every person present has the best time. Give a little, get a lot, right? It’s all about coming together to #MakeItMatter.

Up ahead, we break it down for you. Discover how to make the most of Wanderland Magic!

Clean up after yourself

Nobody likes a litterbug, especially not when you’re all going to be laying on a field and sharing the same general space for two whole days. Whether it’s an empty paper cup, the backing of that cool sticker you got for free, or the piece of paper you’ve been using as a sun shield-slash-makeshift-seat that you need to get rid of, there are definitely going to be enough waste bins for you to throw it into. Making a big difference starts in the smallest of places, so it’ll be well worth it to put your environmentalist hat on at Wanderland this month!

Respect the lines

Queueing up and not cutting in line are perhaps the most basic displays of etiquette. It’s the simplest way to create and preserve order, which honestly, a jam-packed place like a music festival needs sometimes. It’s all a lesson in consideration: you wouldn’t want another Wanderer jumping the gun and squishing in before you, would you?

Leave your problems at the door

Or more accurately, at the entrance of the event grounds. If there’s something on your mind, work weighing you down or a storm cloud looming over you, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for to let go of it. Remember: Wanderland can be the most exciting two-day adventure of your life if you let it be!


Our favorite musicians have said it time and time again: hearing the crowd cheering for you is the most rewarding feeling there is. Wanderland’s stellar line-up aside, every musician deserves that little moment of glory, so don’t forget to cheer for every performer who graces the stage! Sing along loud and proud––these acts could be the next generation of music industry game-changers!


Not to ride on the coattails of the YOLO mentality, but Wanderland only happens once each year. Don’t waste the opportunity to make new friends (and find even more people to attend with the next time around!) by staying cross-armed within your own bubble. You’re already going to be out there, might as well get a little friendly! Who knows what stories your fellow Wanderers want to tell you?

And that’s really all there is to it! In case you need a little reinforcement, here’s a fun little review to the rules of Wanderland Magic.

In case we haven’t made it obvious already, there are spectacular sets, great times and an utterly enchanting experience just waiting to happen at Wanderland. It’s a music and arts festival, sure, but there’s so much more to the Wanderland Magic experience. It’s all about fostering this little community, spotlighting talent and making, and sharing the stories and moments that can truly #MakeItMatter.

Come on now, it’s okay to get hyped up. The magic is just about to unfold!

Are you excited for Wanderland Magic? Just a few more sleeps and we’ll get there, Wanderer. In the meantime, discover more about the annual music and arts fest by visiting the event’s official website!

Words Cessi Treñas

Art Macky Arquilla

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