Travel the World with These Wanderlust-Inducing Korean Shows

Who says you need to leave home to see the world?

Whether it’s the height of summer or the end of the year, sometimes there’s just no telling when the travel bug will launch its bite. Case in point: right around December it seemed everyone was in Hong Kong, and now it’s near impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing a new travel photo from a friend watching the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan. Most of us know are familiar with that bubbling feeling of wanderlust that arises when we hear about a place, but we only have so many opportunities and days off to make our grand travel plans a reality.

Thankfully, K-entertainment is on our side. Serving up a wide selection of Korean shows to humor that escapism in all of us, streaming platform Viu shows us that we don’t have to leave the comfort of home to experience a new place.

Ready for adventure? Find your next travel destination with a little help from the shows ahead!

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No Sleep No FOMO

A few months ago, K-Pop star Eric Nam shocked his fans with a random social media update saying he was on his way to Malaysia. Things only got more surprising when he took to his Instagram Stories to ask if there were any local weddings he and his companion could crash. What was a Korean celebrity turning up at strangers’ weddings?

As it turns out, what Eric was doing was filming Viu’s original show, No Sleep No FOMO. A pan-regional travel program, No Sleep No FOMO features the likes of Running Man star Kim Jong Kook, Eric Nam, former U-KISS members Kevin Woo and Alexander Lee Eusebio, Paul Foster, Hana Tam, Benjamin Kheng, Taya Rogers and FIlipina blogger Laureen Uy. With each episode extending from 8 to 10 minutes long, the star-studded roster takes viewers across the region to experience as much as they can within 60 hours––with no time to sleep in between.

Watch No Sleep No FOMO on Viu!

Guided Adventure (Seasons 1 and 2)


Arguably one of the quintessential travel variety shows in existence, Guided Adventure follows a group of men with close to no experience taking vacations—save for school and business trips. Watch the madness unfold and learn a thing or two about new places as the cast members embark on their first ever guided tour. While Season 1 revolves around a cast of celebrities in their 40’s, Season 2 welcomes a new line-up of younger, equally excitable guests.

Stream Season 1 and Season 2 of Guided Adventure, only on Viu!

Korean Hostel in Spain


Welcome to Villafranca del Bierzo, a quaint town in Spain and the site of the aptly named reality show, Korean Hostel in Spain. Find out the ins and outs of running an albergue, or a cheap hostel, as Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin and Bae Jung Nam meet, feed and befriend pilgrims and local travelers.

Stream Korean Hostel in Spain online on Viu!



In the fast-paced world of Korean entertainment, it isn’t often that celebrities can side-step their schedules and go on a lengthy break. Traveler steps in to give Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Je Hoon just that. For two weeks, they leave behind the film sets and flashing lights they know all too well for the winding streets and festive vibe of Cuba.

Learn to bargain, drink and enjoy Cuba like a local with Traveler on Viu!

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