This Weekend’s Hottest Acts You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Celebrating OPM 

The summer season may be slipping away from us, but there are some things that stay constant no matter what month of the year it is: Music, friends and the possibility of wonderful experiences. And for the next few weekends, Globe Live and BHS are going to prove this to us over and over again.

Taking full advantage of the cooling evenings, Globe Live and BHS are giving us Livestreet, the hottest mini-concert series no one should miss out on. The unique pop-experience puts music together with a carefully curated environment and some the biggest names in Pinoy music—you won’t want for anything more.

Don’t miss a single weekend of music this month. Let your friends know which weeks you’ll be singing along to by responding to Livestreet’s official event page.

July 6 and 7: OPM

It doesn’t get better and it doesn’t get simpler than OPM. Knowing full well that all that’s needed to create magic is an artist, an instrument and a stage, Livestreet is finishing things off with some of the strongest names in today’s local scene.

Ben & Ben


Image via Ben&Ben/Facebook




Image via Mayonnaise/Facebook

Reese Lansangan

Bullet Dumas

Keiko Necesario 


June 29 and 30: Lounge

If you know what it’s like to sit on a comfortable couch, close your eyes and listen to some jazz, then you’re going to enjoy this leg of Livestreet—and if you don’t, then you’re in for a serious treat. For one weekend, you can enjoy the black and red design, literally sit back and get transported to New York or New Orleans.

Brass Munkeys

Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas

Skarlet Swing Machine

Conscious & The Goodness



Image via Trifecta/Facebook

Nicole Asensio

June 22 and 23: Retro

This weekend is all about going back to the decades we either miss or wish we were part of: The 70’s and the 80’s. Dance to the music and get completely lost in the beat. Revel in the colorful lights and bring back disco, boy bands and steps we couldn’t forget even if we tried.

Arpie & The Multivitamins

Rage Band

Yellow Lane


Image via YellowLane/Facebook


June 16 and 17: Unplugged

Take things slow as the lights in Bonifacio High Street Central are dimmed down to create a cozy yet simple environment. Enjoy the mellow music, let it sway you and just relax. Soon enough you might forget you’re at a concert at all, except for those moments your favorite names in music change a lyric, a quick melody or give a little shout out.


True Faith


Image via MedTrueFaith/Instagram



Image via Rouge/Instagram

Johnoy Danao

Leanne & Naara



Image via Quest/Instagram

Whoever said good things only happen in summer didn’t know what they were talking about. If anything, these next few days are just the icing on top of cooler winds and cloudier skies. And the best part about it? There’s only more to come.

Livestreet kicks off on June 16, Saturday at 7pm at the Globe Iconic Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater. Admission is free of charge.

Live Street is produced by Globe Live and Bonifacio High Street. Co-presented by FrontRow. Special thanks to FOXLife and RX93.1.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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