Why West Side Story Will Help You #StayWoke

It’s so much more than a #hugot romance

Over and over, the same story will reinvent itself to fit the needs of a new generation. Creators will use a different setting, add a different character or introduce a new angle of social relevance. With West Side Story, all these things are present and the result is a romantic retelling that proves just why it’s important to stay #OnPoint and #Woke. 

The all-important premise

The plot of West Side Story will sound familiar because it is. It’s a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet, told through the eyes of Tony and Maria, who are born to opposing New York gangs in the 1950s. They dream of running away, starting a family and living in love, but their groups want nothing but to destroy each other—and tear the lovers apart.

This focus on hate

Without giving away any spoilers, let’s just say that West Side Story does not hold back in terms of violence and proving just how far humans can go on hate alone. It’s a strong emotion that can push us beyond our limits; it can—and usually does—bring out the worst in us. It leaves a trail that we wish we could undo but often times can’t.

The promise of love

But amidst it all, West Side Story proves that love can blossom even in the most unlikely places.

And its social relevance

Now more than ever, divisions are seen across classes and countries. You can’t close your eyes to it because it’s literally everywhere—but why would you shut it out anyway? West Side Story will prove you should never choose to be blind.

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