What To Binge Watch On Netflix This Holy Week


These shows will thrill you, relax you and keep you busy



The best part about long weekends is that you can use the extra days to rest and relax instead of doing errands and catching up with your extra-curriculars. And when we’re talking about Holy Week, there’s barely anything to do but chill out because stores close and people tend to leave the metro. Don’t worry though, because Netflix is here to keep you company.


1. The OA

In this series, a woman who calls herself OA reappears after having been missing for seven years. She does not remember anything in the beginning and even has to re-meet her adoptive parents and be told her name is Prairie Johnson. The strangest thing, however, is that she was blind before she vanished and could see when she returned.


Throughout the show, OA tells a select group of boys about her story, which is both enthralling and mysterious. Audiences find out about what happened with her sight, her original story, her death and why she came back.



2. Miracles From Heaven

Whether or not you believe miracles happen, there is no denying that mysterious things do happen and Miracles From Heaven serves as proof.


Dr. Kevin and Christy Beam have three daughters. They all live a relatively great life, until one of the children, Anna, becomes sick. The doctors are not very hopeful about her condition, but the Beams refuse to give up and hold on strongly to their faith. Then one afternoon, Anna and her sister sit on top of a tree branch, which breaks and causes Anna to fall 30 feet into a hole. But instead of breaking her bones, her doctors find that she’s healed from her initial condition. The miracle is doubted by many and dubbed a hoax created for attention. But we'll let you be the judge.



3. The Returned

A small town is disrupted when individuals who have been dead for years come back without any knowledge of their death at all. A young woman enters her house after dying from a bus crash, a man tries to find his fiancé who has since gotten engaged to someone else, a lady goes to her husband’s apartment 30 years after she was buried. There’s a mysterious boy that no one remembers and is taken in by a murder victim.


After reentering the land of the living, each character tries to blend in. That is, until they all need to face the music.



4. The Discovery

Most of us believe in an afterlife because of our faith, which isn’t bad at all. But what if someone could prove it existed, as clearly as someone could prove that paper gets wet with water?


The Discovery touches on this possibility and how that kind of assurance can affect other people. In the film, scientist Thomas Harbor’s finding of “a new plane of existence” is accused of causing millions of suicides. A new invention, which supposedly records what dead people see in the afterlife, causes trouble in the company and in the personal life of Thomas’s son, Will. 



5. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is Selena Gomez’s passion project and it’s clear to see why. The story follows Hannah Baker, who committed suicide and didn’t bother to leave her parents a note. As the plot continues, cassette tapes made by Hannah are delivered to thirteen individuals, each of who played a part in why she killed herself.


Even after her death, the public lambasts her name and say that the tapes were made to get even more attention. 



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