The FOMO Was Real: Here’s What You Missed At The Coldplay Concert


Join the #ColdplayManila hype, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon



Everyone knew that the Coldplay concert was going to be one for the books, but no one could tell just how epic the concert was actually going to be. Now that it’s over and the stage has been set down, there’s a hangover that’s not going to get cured anytime soon.



That Opera music that got everyone confused and hyped.

After the opening set of Jess Kent, audiences were greeted with Opera music that was strangely placed but intriguing. For those that dodged spoilers like the plague, it was a surprise cue that signaled Coldplay was taking the stage.


That excuse.

In all their years of touring, yesterday marked the first time that Coldplay performed in Manila. Their excuse? They finally had enough good songs to play for us. 



Definitely debatable, but we’ll take it.


Those live renditions of Yellow, Fix You and The Scientist.

There’s something about listening to these songs that strike a chord no matter how often you listen to them, but having Chris Martin serenade you is something else. And when it’s with a crowd that’s feeling exactly what you’re feeling, there were times when it got overwhelming. We’re talking actual tears here – and not the kind that’s misplaced.


That live performance of Viva La Vida and Something Like This. 

Nothing will beat dancing with Chris, Johnny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion. Extra shout out to Will, who kept the solid beat of Viva La Vida throughout the entire song without faltering.



The confetti, fireworks and balloons.

We’ve seen it on the videos, but to actually be there to witness the timed confetti cannons, fireworks and balloons was something else. It made you feel like a part of something bigger.


That ode to Ken Santiago.

Ken Santiago bought his ticket to Coldplay, but was unable to go to the concert because he was diagnosed with cancer. And because he’s amazing, Chris paid him a visit and asked what song Ken would love to hear the band play. They performed Ink – a song that early Coldplayers will remember – and, despite an early misstep, rocked it out for their fan.


That special song.

Chris Martin wrote an on-the-spot-song for the crowd, which was both sweet and kilig-inducing.



 I'm so happy that we are here today

Even though thousands of you are so far away

It feels like you can't see jack

It's two miles from the front to the back

But we've been touring A Head Full Of Dreams

Now we've made it to the Philippines

I tell you that the crowd's such a thriller

There're all killer, no filler

I tell you that the crowd is a thriller

Just listen to how they sound in Manila

Oh we're touring A Head Full Of Dreams

Now we've made it to the Philippines

Just listen to the way the crowd screams




Coldplay promised to be back and we cannot wait.



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