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Who Are the New Mutants? Here’s a Next Gen X-Men Primer - go!

Who Are the New Mutants? Here’s a Next-Gen X-Men Primer

Here’s a look at the next generation of mutants you’ll meet in the latest addition to the X-Men franchise

After its initial announcement in 2018, it is now official: The New Mutants has finished shooting and will be released soon. Following a number of roadblocks to its completion—Disney’s acquisition of Fox and rumors of reshooting—fans will finally get to catch the new and long-awaited installment in the X-Men franchise as it offers a darker, more thrilling take on the superhero genre.

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The New Mutants are a group of young mutants who meet in an isolated hospital, where they are held for psychiatric monitoring. Things start to take a turn for the strange as their newfound bonds and mutant abilities are put to the test as they try to escape.

The trailer provides us with small clues regarding how far the movie would depart from the source material. Nonetheless, diving into each of the new mutant’s comic book background should let you know what you can (or cannot) expect from the movie.

Here’s a primer on the next generation of X-Men you’ll be meeting in New Mutants.


Using the moniker Magik, Illyana Rasputin doubles as the Sorceress Supreme of Limbo. In the comic, she uses her power to transport herself and others anywhere on earth by taking them through “Limbo.” She also has the power to summon and wield the Soulsword, which disrupts magical energies, constructs and creatures. 

Witness to Anya Taylor-Joy’s portrayal of Magik soon. The actress, who caught the public eye with her outstanding performance in the 2015 indie horror film The Witch, follows up her stellar performance in this year’s Autumn de Wilde-directed film Emma and with The New Mutants.


Joining the ranks of other X-Men like Mystique and Beast, Rahne Sinclair, too, has the ability to transform. As Wolfsbane, she can shift at will, choosing between a human-wolf hybrid and a full wolf form. According to the comic, she is of Scottish descent and was persecuted for her powers before being adopted by Moira MacTaggert. 

Game of Thrones alumna Maisie Williams, best known for her role as Arya Stark, has been cast to play this powerful character.


Cannonball can fly at super speeds by releasing thermo-chemical energy from his skin and generate force fields around himself. A survivor of a collapsed coal mine, Sam Guthrie is a strong-willed but stubborn boy who takes the lead of the New Mutants.

While initial rumors said otherwise, this character was eventually given to Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton.


True to his name, Sunspot’s mutant abilities allow him to soak in solar energy and redirect it by shooting plasma. The son of a wealthy Brazilian businessman, Roberto “Bobby” da Costa may look ordinary. However, once he achieves his energized state, his body shifts into a non-reflective black void to absorb the sun’s power efficiently. 

Henry Zaga, who also appeared in Netflix‘s 13 Reasons Why, plays Sunspot, which may just be his biggest role to date.


Danielle Moonstar, better known as Mirage, is a Native American mutant with the ability to create illusions of people’s fears and wishes. She also has the ability to sense danger and foresee future conflict through dreams. Mirage’s telepathic and psionic powers manifested during her childhood in a horrific vision of a demon bear threatening to kill her parents. 

Newcomer Blu Hunt will be making her big-screen debut as this mutant, following her previous recurring role on CW’s The Originals.

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