Why Bright Should Be On Your Christmas Movie List

Who says action isn’t part of the season?

Every year, the film industry comes out with a handful of Christmas movies to suit the season and get us all in the mood for giving. And throughout the decades, some have really stood out. Who can ever forget the love stories in Love Actually, the laughter in Santa Claus and the color of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

But this year, Netflix took a gamble and released Bright, Will Smith’s newest action blockbuster. We know an action flick during Christmas sounds a little strange, but the truth is that it’s apt, modern and still incredibly relevant for the season.

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On the surface level, Bright is about an alternative world where humans live in relative harmony with orcs, fairies and elves. More specifically, it follows Smith’s character, a human cop, who is partnered up for the first time with an orc, played by Joel Edgerton.

One night, the two are on patrol and they embark on a journey that will alter the future of their world as they know it. While battling their own differences, the two need to fight against an onslaught of enemies as they protect a young elf and a relic that everyone had already forgotten about, which could destroy their universe if left in the wrong hands.

It sounds like a typical action film that isn’t in the right place despite its history-making debut last December 22. Who wants to see guns firing and people running while they share fruit salad and munch on leftover Christmas food?

But that’s just at the surface level of Bright. Deeper down, there’s a story to be heard and a lesson to be learned that is not only relevant to the season, but life in general.

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Differences are not a hindrance; they’re what push us to do better and understand more. Relationships can be built on the conscious effort to see someone as they are and not who you want them to be. In embracing the idea of forming friendships that form even in the most unlikely places, we’re left with something beautiful we never thought was be possible.

And—arguably—nothing proves this more than Bright at this point. Sure, it’s a classic tale of good versus evil and right versus wrong, but it’s a classic simply because it doesn’t get old. Yes, it’s a tried and tested lesson, but it’s one we need now more than ever—not just because of the season, but because of everything else that the multitude of Christmas lights have been keeping at bay.

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Catch Bright, #NowPlayingEverywhere on Netflix. Because while it isn’t your typical go-to during Christmas, it is the time to #CreateNewTraditions.

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