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Why We Love Niall Horan And His New Single, Slow Hands | go! | Globe

Why We Love Niall Horan And His New Single, Slow Hands

It’s a new side to him that we’re welcoming with open arms

One Direction may be still be on a hiatus, but the boys are definitely not taking this temporary time apart to relax—especially Niall Horan. The 23-year-old musician just released his second single, Slow Hands, and we think it’s even better than This Town.

Niall can dance circles around anyone

He’s kind of a goofball when he dances, but you can’t deny that he’s having fun. He’s the living and breathing epitome of “dance like no one is watching.” He’s hopped, skipped, bounced and shimmied his way into our hearts. 

He’s gone on the record to say One Direction is coming back

Despite his individual success, he’s made it a point to say that One Direction will definitely work together again. Whenever that will be, we sure do appreciate the consistency.

His guitar skills will amaze you

Boy bands may be notorious for “just” singing and dancing, but Niall knows how to play the guitar. This was proven when he released This Town, but his talent was simmered down even then. Slow Hands, however, is different and proves that he can do more than acoustic tunes.

The song is subtly sexy

If you haven’t listened to it yet, we invite you to do so now. Its bluesy tunes and opening line—We should take this back to my place—tell you exactly what the song is about, but there is no trace of vulgarity in the lyrics. Continue listening to the track and you’ll know just what we’re talking about. It’s cool, collected and just the right amount of suggestive. I just wanna take my time/ We could do this, baby, all night.

It showcases a new side to him

Niall’s first single was an acoustic love song and we wondered if that was going to be the tune of his solo career. Slow Hands pleasantly surprised us and it proved just what Niall is capable of doing. We like this other side to him, which we know will help distinguish himself from One Direction and its other members.

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