Here’s Why You Should Watch Black Mirror Now

It’s the dark sci-fi we all need



It’s time for a Netflix binge, what with longer breaks coming up. While Sherlock and Dr. Who have been taking the limelight, this other little splendid piece of British television has been steadily winning the hearts of fans, offering a change of pace with its intense yet riveting narratives about human nature. Now that Netflix has released a third season for the Black Mirror, a dark series by Charlie Brooker, we thought it would be good to pass the word on and give you a glimpse of what’s within and beyond Black Mirror, and why you might want to check it out.



1. It goes back to the roots of sci-fi

The preview: Many Hollywood productions today have the tendency to overemphasize the technological aesthetic of any story that remotely has to do with the future to help give the movie or TV show a futuristic overall look and for it to have a few action-packed CGI scenes that are nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, that sometimes leaves the quality of the story hanging or overly predictable.


Black Mirror bucks the trend through its very precise focus on the specific technology that helps cause trouble in each episode. And it isn’t just a case of technology being the ultimate villain either. More often than not, the stories are true in pointing out how technology is simply an enabler, allowing doors to open up the dark possibilities of human folly, especially when the characters only think of the potential benefits. True to its name, the show is a reflection of the human condition where technology acts as the mirror, allowing the characters and the viewer to see their dark side—rather, the dark side in humans.


2. Each episode is like watching a movie

The cinematography: The term “cinematic experience” may be something you hear a bit too often in describing any story nowadays, but in this case, it couldn’t be truer. Black Mirror boasts some gorgeous cinematography from episode to episode, with a visual aesthetic that could rival other Hollywood theatrical releases.


The cast: Each episode also hosts a revolving cast of well-known actors like Hayley Atwell, Domhall Gleeson and Toby Kebell who each carry their own stories as they capture your hearts within the situations their characters find themselves in.


Episode selection: Black Mirror is an anthology show where each episode acts independently of each other. This means you can actually watch the episodes in any order you wish and not lose track! (We heavily suggest you save the Christmas special for last, though. Trust us, you won’t regret it.)


Story variety: Series creator Charlie Brooker describes the new season as somewhat of a film festival, in terms of the variety of stories Black Mirror seeks to tell. We’d like to pop in and say that’s exactly how we’ve felt as well with the previous two seasons, which have offered a diversity of approaches from stories that feel like they could take place in the present to tales that could only be set in a far off time.


3. Black Mirror doesn’t pull its punches

Bonus features: Few shows can even compare with the creative freedom given to them. For instance, Game of Thrones isn’t ashamed to go all the way in matters of sex and violence. Thanks to the quality of writing by Brooker, creative freedom will most likely never be a concern once you see what this show puts on the table. Because if there’s anything you can count on in Black Mirror, it’s that what you don’t see on the screen is just as important as what you do see. At the threat of spoiling too much, all we can really say is that the story goes exactly as far as it needs to. Nothing more, nothing less.


So whether it’s a yarn that leaves you disturbed to the core or just a tale of simple human drama with a few twists, you will have no choice but to agree that the show is simply perfect for its medium, especially once you see the moments that turn away from the camera, leaving just enough for the imagination.


So what are you waiting for? Repeat after us: Black Mirror on the wall, bequeath me the best Netflix subscription of them all.

Words Alexander Sison

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