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Why Wonder Woman Is Living Up To All The Hype

It’s one of the best superhero movies from either side of the comic book world



Wonder Woman has been getting so much attention recently that it’s been a little deafening. But the thing is, all the positive reactions and praises are well placed. The film, in its entirety, is one of the best to come from a comic book universe—and we don’t just mean DC. 


The doubts vs. The numbers

A female superhero starring in her own film? A female sitting on the director’s chair? A male playing second-in-command, playing the love interest?


These questions may seem insane, but these qualms were actually raised during the creation of Wonder Woman. Needless to say, the Patty Jenkins-directed film has surpassed all expectations and made believers out of doubters. It did, after all, rake in over US$223 million worldwide on its opening weekend alone.



The story

The origin story of Wonder Woman has never been showcased on the big screen before. That’s a lot of pressure on its own and it was only made heavier by the doubts raised earlier. But the story was well executed and the characters were relatable and compelling. Nothing felt rushed and the audience is well acquainted with each individual without one overpowering their co-stars too much.

The visuals

Like with any other superhero movie, the fight scenes of Wonder Woman were some of the movie’s best shot clips. The fight sequences were not minimized nor dialed down; they were serious and gritty and perfectly showcased the strength of Wonder Woman. Outside of the battles, the scenes showed depictions of life that was almost too honest to look at directly. 

The values

The softness of Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince(ss of Themyscira) was a constant theme in the film, but so was her strength and power. At the same time, all the other characters were well rounded and held their own as well. There was, of course, Chris Pine’s Captain Steve Trevor, who was both supportive yet resilient on his own. They both stood for the same cause and while their methods differed at the beginning, they came together in the end.


The star

There’s no doubt about it, Gal Gadot will soon be a household name. Her charisma and beauty got our attention, but her portrayal of Wonder Woman put our adoration of her over the edge. She’s beautiful, yes, but know she’s so much more than that—much like the woman she’s had the privilege of portraying.



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Image courtesy of Warner Brothers & Instagram/Gal Gadot

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