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Here’s What You Missed at Yook Sung Jae’s Fan Meeting in Manila

We recount the highlights of his first solo fan meeting in Manila!

There’s no denying it: the Korean wave has risen to an unparalleled fever pitch. In the past few years, we’ve seen K-Drama take on mainstream popularity and K-Pop’s new frontrunners charm an ever-growing audience. Between the constant influx of content and the sense of community embedded into fan culture, we've learned to love all things Korean more than ever before. Last weekend’s K-Karnival, a celebration of K-fashion, beauty and entertainment, answered this love with booths, presentations and a quick trip to Paradise.

Yook Sung Jae of idol group BTOB made his way back to Manila for a solo fan meeting on July 13th. Voted as one of the top Korean idols who inspires the youth, the singer-actor has left his mark on Filipino fans’ hearts with his hits like Only One For Me and Missing You, variety shows like All the Butlers and, of course, his performance in the iconic drama, Goblin. Despite braving activities without his fellow BTOB members, the group’s youngest proved completely capable of sweeping the crowds off their feet. Up ahead, we recount some of the highlights from the fan meeting. Whether you missed out on the event or are looking to relive the memory, brace yourself. Sung Jae left us with plenty to love.

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The Q&A

Hailing back to his show, All the Butlers, the question and answer portion of the fan meeting had Melodies (that’s what BTOB fans are called!) asking the guest of honor for some good ol' advice. Three lucky fans, randomly selected by Sung Jae himself, came up onstage to hear words of wisdom straight from their idol. In true Sung Jae fashion, he pivoted between being sincere and comical while schooling fans on an unexpected mix of topics. Whether it's befriending others or beefing up your bank account that's on your mind, rest assured that  Sung Jae is ready to chime in a solution!

The Search for the Ultimate YSJ Fan

Games are arguably the most memorable part of any fan meeting, and Paradise was no exception. Sung Jae tossed ten soccer ball plushies at the audience, inviting the fans who could successfully catch them up on stage to put their knowledge to the test. The ten lucky Melodies battled it out through a flurry of true or false questions. With the game testing his fans on every front, from his favorite color to the first thing he does in the morning, it seemed even Sung Jae wasn't quite sure of his answers at one point. In the end, one fan outlasted the rest, earning herself a prize worthy of everyone’s envy: a voice note on her phone, personally recorded by Sung Jae.

What Language Barrier?

Who doesn’t love when idols make the effort to communicate? Breaking down the language barrier to the best of his abilities, Sung Jae took it upon himself to read his fans’ handwritten messages and speak in both English and Filipino, often going for the plunge and expressing himself without relying on his translator’s assistance.

The Performances

Staying true to his promise of bringing his Filipino fans performances they can look forward to, Sung Jae greeted them with live renditions of some of their favorite songs. He started the show on a sentimental note by performing his solo ballad Say It, and melted hearts mid-way by covering Beautiful Life from Goblin’s official soundtrack. After bearing his heart and thanking the fans who came to see him, he capped off an unforgettable fan meeting by belting out to Paradise, his first self-composed track.

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