If You Liked YTFF Last Year, Here’s Why You’ll Love This Year

The YouTube FanFest is back with vengeance



The YouTube FanFest gives users, subscribers and everyday viewers an avenue to meet some of the biggest YouTube artists out there. Last year, almost five thousand fans participated in the main activity, with some 25 thousand streaming online. It was the biggest YouTube event in the Philippines, but it was also the biggest within APAC in terms of attendance, tickets sold, online views and overall buzz.


It was massive, but YouTube x Globe are going all out this year. Just check out this year’s creator lineup.


Lilly Singh ||Superwoman||

Lilly Singh is a Canadian YouTuber vlogger, comedian and actress. Since her humble beginnings in 2010, the lady behind ||Superwoman|| has garnered over 17 billion YT views and some 10.9 million subscribers.



Matt Steffanina

Another big face in YouTube is Matt Steffanina. His followers love watching his dance covers and tutorials. His talent is evident and he’s even worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg. Join the other 990 million viewers and his 5.2 million subscribers and get hooked on his stuff.




If there is a DIY-master, it would have to be Laura Riihimaki. She’s known most for her fashion hacks, but her YouTube account is also filled with home décor advice. With over 328 million views globally and 5 million international subscribers, LaurDIY is one of the biggest YouTube creators around. 



Megan Nicole

We Filipinos have a soft spot for covers and almost no one else makes them better than Megan Nicole. She started her career in 2009 and—thanks to her raw talent and clear passion—has successfully remained a viral sensation. Just ask her 800 million viewers and 3.9 million subscribers.



Alex Wassabi

Once the half of Wassabi Productions, known most for their hilarious music video parodies, Alex is now on his own as a comedy vlogger. The videos from this Filipino-American have been watched over 272 million times and he has over 2.3 million subscribers.




Proving that the art of the violin is not dead and cold, Jun Curry first broke into stardom for his 2012 rendition of Psy’s Gangnam Style. Since then, he has only gained more followers with his musical covers. His videos have been viewed over 108 million times and he has some 1 million subscribers.



Jayden Rodrigues

This is not the first time that Jayden Rodrigues is bringing his dance moves to the Philippines, but we aren’t going to complain. He’s known most for his skills as a choreographer, but he’s also been on television and print media. His stuff has had over 272 million views and he has 3.9 million subscribers. 



Ranz & Niana

Sibling rivalry can sometimes be brutal, but Ranz and Niana prove there’s nothing but love and creativity between them. Their YouTube channel is filled with dance covers and pranks. With over 82 million views and 667 thousand subscribers, these local cuties have international followers behind them. 



Lloyd Cafe Cadena

Showing us that there’s always something to laugh at, Lloyd Cadena pokes fun at the everyday life of Filipinos. His comedic charm has well-meaning jokes are enjoyed by people half the world over. His videos have been viewed some 56 million times and he has over 453 thousand subscribers. 



Mikey Bustos

Mikey Bustos is no stranger to the stage and his talent for grabbing people’s attentions is only magnified in his YouTube account. He does comedic parodies, posts covers of songs and vlogs. All in all, his work has been watched some 77 million times and he has 365 thousand subscribers—no big deal. 



Wil Dasovich

Though he is a San Francisco native, Wil decided to stay in the Philippines. His YouTube videos consist of funny and lighthearted antics that revolve around Filipino life and culture. Despite his usual content themes, his videos have been viewed 42 million times internationally and he has 326k subscribers.



Janina Vela

A fresh face is one thing, but Janina Vela’s easy makeup tutorials are really what put her on the map. She also shares her room decorations and beauty hauls, as well as DIY party décor ideas. Her upbeat videos have been watched 14 million times and her channel has 212k subscribers. 



Kristel Fulgar

Her face is definitely familiar—Goin’ Bulilit, anyone?—but her voice is a welcome change. The Filipina actress and singer does several musical covers and a handful of original songs as well. Her videos have been viewed over 62 million times and she has over 287k international subscribers.




Stay tuned for more about this year’s #GlobeYTFF!

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