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Quiz: How Well Do You Know TWICE’s Fanchants?

Make sure you’re ready for TWICE’s upcoming concert in Manila!

Anyone who has been a K-Pop fan for a hot minute would know just how crucial fanchants are in this pocket of the entertainment world. In case you’re only just dipping your toes into K-Pop waters though, we’ll break the idea of fanchants down for you.


Image via Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary weighs in with a pretty straightforward definition. Like the name suggests, fanchants are particular sayings that fans yell along to the songs their favorite singers are performing live. To fill in the gap that the definition above is missing, official fanchants these days are created by the idols’ companies for the sake of uniformity. While the idea of cheering prescribed words only at given points of a song might seem a little odd (especially in a country where the audience sings along to entire songs at concerts), it goes a long way in bringing fandoms together. There’s a unique kind of bond that it fosters that is unique to K-Pop.

Now that you’re all caught up, we’re ready to shed the spotlight on TWICE. It’s pretty much indisputable at this point—this girl group from JYP Entertainment is easily one of the top K-Pop girl groups of the current generation. With their long-awaited in concert the Philippines approaching by the day, we ask: Are you ready to give your 100% at TWICE’s TWICELIGHTS 2019 concert? We’ll make it simple for you. We’ll give you two choices: yes or yes?

Up ahead, we school you on some of TWICE’s fanchants. Think you can answer everything perfectly?

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Watch out for TWICE as they head to Manila at long last! Catch them live in concert on June 29th at the Mall of Asia Arena!

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