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0917 Aircross: The Workout Basics to Shop Right Now - go!
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0917 Aircross: The Workout Basics to Shop Right Now

Using the rest of the quarantine to get in shape? 0917’s right there with you

As far as exercise-ready gadgets are concerned, we’ve covered our bases perusing Globe’s official online shop. Now, it’s extra convenient to learn that the outfit to go with the next workout is something we don’t have to search far for either.

For the first time ever, 0917 Lifestyle is checking the boxes on our activewear wish list. Meet 0917 Aircross: the basics that allow just about anyone to build an effective workout wardrobe.

Featuring DRI CORE technology across its key pieces (namely the classic sports bra, a razor-back tank, leggings and track shorts), 0917 Aircross ensures comfort throughout various types of activities—whether rigorous ones like CrossFit or ones that require flexibility and stretch like yoga. 

0917 Aircross is designed to move along with you, flatter the contours of your body and keep you cool throughout your workout.

Other stand-out pieces include the CRUISE Cropped Hoodie, the CENTRA Long Sleeve Shirt and the CORE 1 rendition of the classic 0917 graphic tee. The full collection is yours to check out here

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