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A Peek Into The Avengers: Endgame Collection (Because We’ll Do Whatever It Takes)

Time to show what side you’re on!

If you don’t know that Avengers: Endgame is premiering in the Philippines on April 24 (two days before its international release!), then you’ve been missing out. The trailers have us hyped and the unknown future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe already has us at the edge of our seats—and we’re not even in the theaters yet.

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But let’s a take a deep breath in for a second; there’s still time to get ready. And while the rest of the Avengers suit up, so will we. It’s time we get started on our own preparations to #CompleteTheMission with the 0917 x Avengers: Endgame collection. Sounds like a good way to count down the days until Thanos (hopefully) gets his just desserts, doesn’t it?

Keeping it simple

No fuss, no muss. You want to keep things cool and comfortable when you’re sweating bullets as Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Black Widow and the rest of the Avengers figure out a way to defeat The Mad Titan. So keep things simple and give yourself the freedom to move around—you know you’ll be antsy at the cinema.


0917 Avengers Thanos Face Shirt



0917 Avengers Logo Shirt



0917 Avengers Thanos Typography Shirt



0917 Avengers Iron Man Shirt


Keep warm

It might be summer (all the time) in the Philippines, but we’re not going to let that get in the way of wearing out Marvel hearts on our sleeves. Besides, we might need something to give us a little comfort on the chance that Thanos succeeds a second time (or we have to say farewell to our favorite MCU hero).


0917 Avengers Gray Zip Hoodie



0917 Thanos Gray Jacket


Go for the everyday

But if you prefer to show off every day, we really couldn’t blame you either. So opt to dress up your smartphones with the coolest cases or phone grips—and tell everyone who’s side you’re on without having to say a word.


0917 Marvel Captain America Shield Case


0917 Marvel Iron Man Logo Case



0917 Iron Man Phone Grip


0917 Marvel Avengers Phone Grip


We’re claiming it: April 24 is the day of reckoning. Don’t get left behind and choose a side with the 0917 x Avengers: Endgame collection.

Stay connected and don’t miss out on the rest of the collections from 0917 by following Facebook/0917 and Instagram/0917. If you want to see the products up close, visit our pop up store at the Glorietta 4 cinema area, Makati City! Also available in select Globe Stores nationwide.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Thea Bunyi

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