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0917 Partners With Disney For Must-Have Official Merch

Who you gonna call when you want that Disney official merch?

Having official merch in your hands is a satisfying feeling that we all learned to revel in when we were kids. It’s the reason our favorite cartoon characters donned our lunchboxes, notebooks and bags. It’s why we were thrilled at the chance to showcase them during casual days in school. But now that we’re older, it’s a little harder to come by. We don’t just look at the display; we look for quality, good design, multiple options and that official seal.

Well, thank the heavens today because 0917 has made it that much easier to wear your Disney hearts on your sleeve. Take a peek at all the 0917 x Disney collections that are already yours for the taking.

0917 x The Lion King

Remember what it feels like to have no worries? Neither do we—but maybe we can get a little closer to that childhood carefree nature with some merch from 0917 x The Lion King. Belt out your favorite tunes from one of our all-time favorites while wearing something comfortable and chic.

0917 x Toy Story

How long has it been since we’ve wanted to go to infinity and beyond now? Disney and Pixar have made it so that Woody and the gang are never far from us—and we couldn’t be more grateful. But for those in between re-watches and new releases to the franchise, we need something else to hold onto. So why not a few essentials for the rainy season

0917 x Marvel

It’s been a while since Avengers: Endgame premiered and a lot has happened since then, but we can’t deny that we’re still brought to the clouds every time we think about the movie. After all, it culminated 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the most epic way possible.

So, whatever it takes, we choose to wear the Marvel heart on our sleeves—whether that means siding with Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel or even Thanos. There’s just something about sending a message without having to speak your mind that’s so powerful, isn’t there?

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0917 x Disney

Look, we all had to start somewhere, right? And it’s pretty safe to say that we all started our Disney love affair with Mickey Mouse. Despite the years that have passed, there’s still something that makes us giddy about having those ears displayed somewhere—anywhere.

 0917 x Aladdin

While the classics are well and good, the live-action take of Aladdin has our 90s hearts in a frenzy. We’ve matured since the film premiered in 1992 and so have our tastes, which is why the 0917 x Aladdin collection is coming in pitch perfect timing.

Without being too over-the-top or too obvious, the 0917 x Disney and 0917 x Marvel collections are just what you need to fill your closet with those official merch items you can grab-and-go any day.

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Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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