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Our September 2020 Want List: The 0917 Lifestyle Defense Kit - go!
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Our September 2020 Want List: The 0917 Lifestyle Defense Kit

On the subject of getting new normal-ready...

It goes without saying that we are in this for the long haul. By now, it makes perfect sense to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments—for the sake of a comfortable quarantine experience, of staying safe and of trying to get life back in motion while erring on the side of caution. In the time of coronavirus, shopping is not exempt from going through these changes: from how we shop, to where we shop and what we consider investment buys.

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On that note, our online shopping wish lists have certainly changed. If you, too, feel better about navigating the new normal when well-equipped, this roundup is for you. Here are some of the useful, new finds (neatly assembled as 0917 Lifestyle’s Defense Kit) that we’re adding to the new normal essentials we don’t leave home without:

All-in-One UV Light Sanitizer Box

Thinking about disinfecting frequently used items like smartphones, eyewear, digital connectors and accessories, the challenge lies in making the process hassle-free and less costly (because sanitizing with rubbing alcohol and wet wipes isn’t sustainable in the long run).

The All-in-One UV Light Sanitizer Box addresses that concern flawlessly by enforcing a small but powerful UV light that can reach every nook and cranny, and fully clean your items.

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Personal Protective Gear

Here’s a PPE set that strikes a great balance between form and function: 0917 Lifestyle’s personal protective gear is a two-piece set designed by StyleFestPH 2019 contestants Einar Nicdao, Justine Llarena and Neil Anthonie, which only ensures that these PPEs serve their purpose without looking like an outright protective suit.

They're made with durable, water-resistant microfiber fabric and come with adjustable drawstrings, garterized openings and detachable hoods for full-body protection.

Face Mask

As much as we’d like to vouch for homemade cloth face masks, it is indeed better to err on the side of caution by opting for variants that are built to last and really protect you (and ultimately, those around you). The 0917 Lifestyle Defense Kit comes with a two-piece face mask set with each one made of soft, water-repellent three-ply twill and microfiber fabric. This washable face mask can be reused and even has a pocket for an additional filter.


0917 Face Mask (2 pcs.) by 0917 LIFESTYLE, ₱295

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Personal Air Purifier

Here’s something to clean the air in your space. Lightweight but heavy-duty, the 0917 Personal Air Purifier is a pocket-sized, on-the-go air filtration system that uses negative ion radiation to eliminate allergens and pollutants. Station this at your work desk at home, hang it around your neck while running errands or leave it on your dashboard on one of your drives. It’s a no-fuss device that’s easy to set up and can run anywhere between 10 to 12 hours once fully charged. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, too.

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There are more wish list-worthy finds on 0917 Lifestyle. Click on to check out the full catalogue you can shop right here and now.

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