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Items to Cop at the 0917 Lifestyle End-of-Season Sale - go!
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8 Items to Cop at the 0917 Lifestyle End-of-Season Sale

At the sale, get up to 60% off on apparel and merchandise until supplies last

The end-of-summer sales are here, which means it’s the perfect time for those wish list items to make their move over to your cart. 

In addition to all the end-of-season deals cropping up this month, we’ve got the massive 6.6 shopping bonanza to look forward to. Are you all set with a game plan? Already have items at the top of your list? Ahead, we present you with finds from 0917 Lifestyle that are definitely worth snagging during sale season. Add to cart or you might miss your chance!

Chuckie Finster Phone Grip, ₱176

A favorite from the 0917 x Nickelodeon collaboration, the Chuckie Finster Phone Grip is every bit as useful as it is adorable (not to mention nostalgic). Rugrats fans, fall in line.

MTV All Access Shirt, ₱476

Nothing brings us back to the golden days of MTV quite like this subtle graphic tee. And hey, it’s perfect for the next (read: first out of quarantine!) concert you’re eyeing.

0917 Face Shield, ₱495

PSA: items from the 0917 Defense Kit are also on sale this month. If, like us, you’re taking this time to stock up on quarantine essentials, turn your attention to 0917’s classic face shield.

Patrick Star Shirt for Kids, ₱598

At this end-of-season sale, there’s something for the kids, too. The younger, newly-minted fans of Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants can enjoy the logo tee ahead featuring Patrick Star (originally priced at ₱1,195).

NB 574 Classic Sneakers, ₱3,196

It appears it will be a little while longer before any of us have anywhere to go, but why not lock in on a future investment like the classic New Balance sneaker?

0917 Atrium Futura Hoodie, ₱897

Sift through 0917 Lifestyle’s sale pages and you’ll find a ton of jackets, hoodies and sweaters up to 50% off. For your consideration: the Futura Hoodie from the 0917 Atrium collection, a casual outerwear staple you can take with you from errand day to gym day.

0917 Atrium Stamp Bag, ₱837

While we’ve got our sights set on the waist bags also on sale, the 0917 Atrium Stamp Bag is at the top of our end-of-season wish list as something that’s been on our radars for a while. Made of durable canvas, this versatile tote also comes with detachable shoulder straps for ease of use.

Patrick Star Sweater, ₱598

A classic crewneck sweatshirt with a fun SpongeBob SquarePants upgrade: here’s something Nickelodeon fans can cozy up in in the coming months.

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