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Gift Giving Season Does Not Mean Broke Season

Who wouldn’t love a little Marvel and Disney under the Christmas tree?

Christmas time means a lot of things to be merry about: family gatherings, reunions with friends, 13th month bonuses and vacations. But if there is one thing that we all kind of dread, it has to be the gift-purchasing—not because we don’t want to give gifts, but because it has us dipping into our savings just a little.

The thing is, gift giving doesn’t have to signal a broke month for anyone. If you take a look around, there are promos and discounts to take advantage of almost everywhere you look. All you need to do is look in the right places. 

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Below, some of our favorite items from 0917 Lifestyle that are below P1,000—and therefore perfect for gift-giving!

0917 Series One 10000

Now P799


For a loved one that’s always on the go, a compact yet powerful powerbank is of utmost importance. The 0917 Series One 10000 has 10,000mAh capacity that’s sleek and efficient. This year, give the gift of 45 percent faster charging speeds that easily slips into anyone’s lifestyles.

Anker PowerPort 2 Lite Wall Charger

Now P896


Too many gadgets, too little time? The Anker PowerPort 2 will give your loved one the 2-for-1 punch when it comes to getting their gadgets up to speed and running. Really, save them the trouble of having to work around the endless wires of extension cords.

0917 Series One Bluetooth Speaker

Now P650


The thing with portable speakers is that they will always be needed. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the comfort of your home and listening to your favorite tunes or sharing the experience with friends on a hike, music will always be a great gift to give—and this portable option won’t disappoint.

Camp 917 Windbreaker Jacket

Now P907


The weather tends to be a little unpredictable on this side of the world, so help your loved ones keep cool (or warm) with an easy-to-dress windbreaker. It’s lightweight yet effective in keeping the sun or rain at bay.

0917 Lifestyle Cap

Now P299


A little pop of color around this time of the year never hurt anyone—and some shade from the year-long Philippine sun keeps off the damage, too. So why not kill two birds with one stone for someone you hold close to you?

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This year, make gift-giving something for you (and your wallet), too. The process should definitely be enjoyable and if that means not breaking the bank, then don’t break the bank! You won’t have to make sacrifices in terms of quality. 

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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