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10 Ways To Know That You’re The Ultimate Tita

Put your tita-ness to the test. 


When we were younger, “coming of age” meant breaking in our first pair of high heels, taking a sip of our first alcoholic drink and leaving behind our high school uniforms. Now that we’re past all that, we’ve learned to embrace a different kind of “coming of age.”


Being a tita kind of creeps up on you. One time you’re at the club every weekend, and then suddenly you find yourself at home by choice. Here’s how to know if you’ve made the jump.


Everything is in your bag.

Tissue, alcohol, wet wipes, medicine, band aids – you have whatever you and your friends will need throughout the duration of your get-together and beyond. 


Wine over shots.

Weekends are for chilling with your girls and a glass of wine (or two or three). Gone are the days where you used to enjoy getting dolled up to get drunk.



Staying at home is the ultimate #goal.

You’re not actually busy, you’d just rather stay at home and binge watch your favorite Netflix series. You may not know what crazy thing happened last weekend, but you know exactly what happened to Hannah in 13 Reasons Why.


Actually considering what’s healthy.

Choosing your food is not just about what tastes good, it’s also about what’s good for your body. Fried cheese? Sure, but what is it offering you beyond the few seconds of heaven in your mouth? 


Enjoying yourself in the kitchen.

You used to adore your mom’s adobo or manang’s kare-kare. Now you adore cooking your family dishes with them and getting praised about it at the dinner table.



The grocery store is where you de-stress.

You look forward to your trips to the grocery because it lets you relax. The aisles you spent years memorizing feel like second home to you. 


Wanting to start or already having a garden.

The grocery store is great, but nothing beats getting fresh herbs from your own backyard or picking flowers for your centerpiece. You also have a love for weekend markets because there’s just so many gardening accessories to get your hands on and display.


Preferring slow music

Except for a few choice bands and tracks, you cannot wrap your head around today’s music. What on earth are these teenagers listening and dancing to?



Still living for that gossip.

The only difference is the gossip includes family members. Relatives you used to not even know are now the center of attention during family gatherings. Of course, batch mates from high school and college are hot topics, too. 


DIY everything.

Why buy when you can DIY? 


You like to reminisce about the “good old days.”

Sure, you aren’t exactly old, but you still love looking back at how things used to be. They were simpler then and all you had to worry about were tests and recitation. Now there are more #adult things to think about.



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