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2000s Trends We Didn’t Expect Would Be Back So Soon

One more helping of some serious nostalgia coming right up

Time for a double-take! 2021 is the year we head back to the 2000s, which means the past 11 months have been about revisiting all things Y2K and a severe case of déjà vu. From the return of the flip phone to the resurgence of zines, throwing it back to talking t-shirts and trucker caps, it’s undeniable that the 2000s have quite the grip on 2021 pop culture. Will it let up soon? Stay tuned.

For now, it’s 2000s fashion, in particular, that continues to have its biggest moment. And here, we round up some of the biggest trends that have resurfaced this year. We didn’t expect to see them again so soon, but here they are! Pass or try? That’s now the question.

Claw Clips

Along with voluminous, wispy layers a la Denise Richards or Julia Roberts, claw clips were very much part of 2000’s hair trends (playing in the same space as those cuter butterfly clips). Thanks to TikTok trends made big again by Gen Z content creators, these hair accessories are back today. And the effortless, lazy girl French twist has never looked better.

Bandanas and Headscarves

Another hair accessory to make its triumphant return? The bandana and headscarf. Granted that the 2000s were marked by the distinct paisley print, this year, there’s a lot more wiggle room. Take cues from the runway shows of Versace, Blumarine and Dior at Fashion Week, today’s “it” girls like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa or Charlie’s Angels star Cameron Diaz just below.

Tinted Sunglasses

What is it about teeny-tiny sunglasses that trigger nostalgia? In our experience, they bring us back to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s reign on television and the heyday of Lizzie McGuire, where looks showcased fun bursts of energy; they were a little more experimental and carefree, too. Add the tinted element and the fashion throwback is complete.

Face-Framing Highlights

On to hair trends: the balayage and more natural-looking streaks have had their day. This time around, standout face-framing highlights are back in. If you dare, consider a starker contrast like Jennie from BLACKPINK, who offset her brown locks with blonde streaks around her face. For something more subdued, reference the girls of the 2000s: Avril Lavigne in her Losing Grip era or Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday.

Flared Trousers

Of course, this isn’t a trend tied exclusively to the 2000s, but the decade did put its own distinct spin on the pant silhouette. If flared trousers in the ‘70s featured very prominent bell bottoms, the pant in the 2000s was made more casual. In 2021, they’re only beginning their return. We’re fast fans, though, of Louis Vuitton’s tailored take on K-Pop stars BTS.

Funny to think that heading back in time is as easy as looking right at 2021. What era would you like to revisit next?

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