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5 Inexpensive Ways You Can Support Local Small Businesses - go!
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5 Inexpensive Ways You Can Support Local Small Businesses

Believe it or not, your positive review and social media shout-out can make such a difference

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy has suffered a serious blow. Several local small and medium businesses have closed down, and some are struggling to stay afloat. 

Now more than ever, supporting local businesses has become crucial to the community. Your next purchase could easily translate into funds for necessities, help more entrepreneurs keep their whole staff employed and even lead to the opening of more jobs.

Currently, efforts like the Gift Local Campaign aim to promote proudly Filipino small businesses to the public, most notably through its Local E-Bazaar. This allows local SMEs to sell their products and services through a livestream on both Laz Live and Globe myBusiness’s Facebook page.

If you want to help but have already spent elsewhere, here are other ways to support local small businesses other than making a purchase.

Give their social media follows and engagement

Even before the pandemic, social media already had such a wide reach in the country. With people spending more time online, it has become an even more perfect place for small businesses to flourish. 

Liking or following small businesses on social media allows them to reach more people and hopefully continue generating income. Giving their posts likes, shares and comments can go a long way in boosting their online visibility. Your engagement will help put their posts in front of more people. It also makes the page more active, which can encourage potential customers.

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Leave a positive review

If you’ve already transacted with a local small business and had a positive experience, consider writing a review on their page. A positive review gives a brand’s product or service social credibility and helps nudge other prospective customers into finally making a purchase.

When writing a review, go into detail about your experience. Were your expectations met? How much value did you get out of the purchase or service? Were your orders safely and neatly packed? An excellent review shines a light on both the product and the business while giving would-be buyers the information they need to decide whether it’s a good purchase for them.

Give their product or service a social media shoutout 

A social media shoutout is similar to a review, with a few key differences. Reviews focus on specific details and are often on listing a product or a business’ page. Meanwhile, a social media shoutout is your chance to add more emotion and other personal touches to promote a product or brand.

You don’t need to be an influencer to make an effective social media shoutout. It can be as simple as tagging the business’s page in your post about their item and how it adds value to your life. Having a friend recommend a product or service on their own social media easily gives the business more organic traffic and engagement.

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Spread the word to your friends and family

One of the biggest assets you have as a consumer is your network. It’s easier to believe a friend or family member when they give recommendations, especially when you’re looking for specific items or support similar advocacies. 

More than just a shoutout, encouraging people in your circles to patronize local small businesses is a more active way to drive new customers. If you know people looking for local gift ideas, let them know which businesses you’ve had great experiences with.

Recommend them to your community

Another big part of the online experience is belonging to an online community. Whether it’s for hobbies, niche interests or even advocacies, people from all walks of life can gather on common ground.

Be an advocate of local brands you love in the online communities you’re in. Review skincare products from local brands in a makeup group, or rave about a local eco-friendly product in a green living community. If a member is crowdsourcing for recommendations, point them to a local business that you trust can address their needs.  

Shop Smart and from the Heart

2020 was tough on everyone, but showing your support for local small businesses can help revitalize the community. While your local shop may not be the fastest or cheapest, you can rest assured that your support goes to helping families make it through.

Share this article and get your community to support local small businesses together! 

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