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5 Steps To Being The Best Tutor Mom Ever

Because we all want the best for our (future) kids



Before any of us went to school and wrote I-love-you cards to the pre-school teacher, we had mom teach us our ABCs and 123s. Now that we have kids ourselves or are thinking of having one (or three), your mom instincts will kick in and tell you to do the same—albeit more. Besides, we parents make great teachers because no one knows and loves our kids like we do.



1 Teach kids to obey and listen

Experts suggest teaching kids to obey and listen to their parents or teacher/s instead of just focusing on what they need to learn academically. When children understand why they need to pay attention and do as the teacher says, they won’t have so much trouble learning. Insert the importance of values, like honesty, hard work and responsibility and you’ve got a kid who will study hard without being forced to.


2 Tell them to do their best

For parents, we think our kids are the best at everything. While this is great for confidence building, it is also important to teach children that it is more important to do one’s best than to be the best as that in itself makes your child a winner.


3 Get creative

Some kids are naturally drawn to particular subjects like Math while some aren’t and that’s okay. You just need to get creative and find ways to make that subject more appealing to your tot. Look for ways to integrate learning challenges IRL or with his/her favorite things or shows to make education fun! Tutoring your child in science? Try Sid the Science Kid. Building his/her vocabulary? There’s Word Party. Both are available for streaming on Netflix.



4 Learn together

Us parents tend to think we know better than our kids and most of the time we do. But times change and information gets updated—by the minute in present times thanks to the internet. So while you think you know everything about history or literature, you probably need an update. And what better way to do so than with the kids? You learn, he/she learns. Win-win situation!


5 Be positive

Learning curve varies from one kid to another or from one subject to the other. Your child might have learned to count from 1 to 10 before he was able to recite his ABCs but that doesn’t make him bad in reading and phonics. Be patient, try steps 1 to 3 and don’t forget to use a more positive approach. Correct but encourage, always!

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