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5 Easy Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Laboracay Experience

Here’s how to make the year’s most epic weekend even more worthwhile

Whether it’s because you want to get some rest or because you’re looking forward to all the reasons why you won’t be getting any down time, we’re sure you’re excited for Labor Day weekend.  And if you’re part of the latter group, we’re going to bet it’s because you have some big #Laboracay plans. 

Well, here’s how you can make sure that you’ll get the most out of your holiday. 



Pay for what you can ahead of time

You don’t want to bring that much cash around with you, so we suggest to book and pay for whatever you can ahead of time. The ATM lines are sure to be long and you really shouldn’t waste your vacation time in line. 

Besides, you don’t want a large chunk of your budget to go to things you could have paid for beforehand. There’s a type of freedom that comes with having money to spend on anything you want, instead of what you need. 


Go to the best parties

There are sure to be a handful of parties to attend at Laboracay, but you’ll definitely get your fill when you #HeatItUp at #GlobeSunkissed. Globe has put together an impressive roster of local and international acts that will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. 

Learn more about #GlobeSunkissed here.



Set an alarm

You’re in for some late nights ahead of you, but that doesn’t mean you should waste the following day trying to recover. Set your alarm for a respectable time that will still allow you to take advantage of that buffet breakfast. Trust us, you’ll need it to help with that hangover and to store some energy for the rest of the day. 

Besides, getting up early will help ensure you’ll get in some beach activities, too. There’s so much more to do than party and hitting the water is more fun (and less dangerous) when the sun is shining. 


Leave whatever you can behind

To make it easier for yourself, leave what you can in your hotel room. It only gets more and more frustrating to lug around the non-essentials as the day goes on. So leave behind the wallet in exchange for some easy-to-store cash and the powerbank for fully charged devices (plug them in at night when you go to bed or while you’re having breakfast). But if you know your battery won’t last, then make carrying a battery worth it with the Besiter Maya 20 Dual Output Powerbank. 

If you want to bring a camera around with you, make sure it’s portable and as reliable like the Supremo 4K WiFi Action Camera. Or if you’re happy to just take along your iPhone but scared because of its memory limitations, then partner it up with the Apricot OTG, which can give you as much as 32GB more memory.



Don’t be lazy

Seriously, if you chose Labor Day weekend to go to Boracay for relaxation, you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years. Now is not the time to enjoy your hotel bed or pool, it’s the time to go out and have fun. There’s nothing like the combination sun, sand and water to bring out the energy in you this summer.    



See you at #GlobeBoracay!


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