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2021's Best TikTok Challenges So Far - go!
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2021’s Best TikTok Challenges So Far

From dance challenges to virtual cookbooks and more!

2020 was the year of TikTok. Since staying inside meant finding new ways to keep us occupied, we stopped at nothing to find that perfect hobby to take our mind off things. For a time, it was TikTok. Our timelines and feeds were filled with people dancing to Renegade or makeup transformation videos as a lot of us tried our hand on the app. But unlike the other quarantine trends that people moved on from, this one stayed because of its ever-changing challenges.

Come 2021, there’s no escaping from the app, and we’re not complaining! We rounded up 2021’s best TikTok challenges we’ve been enjoying so far!


This hashtag is filled with clips about our favorite snacks and rundowns of easy recipes that you can try at home. Going through all the posts transports us from one food experience to another, whether it’s a trip to our favorite barbecue and isaw stall or a peek of what goes on in the kitchen of a stranger. Maybe we can also spice up our meals by taking notes from fellow TikTokers.

Driver’s License Challenge

Earlier this year, Olivia Rodrigo took the world by storm by releasing her debut single Driver’s License. It’s impossible that TikTok won’t pick up on this iconic song! In describing the TikTok challenge, the platform writes: 

“Here's a better use of your time than driving alone past that street: 1. Go home. 🏠  2. Raid your closet. 👀  3. Be dressed to the nines 👗👔  4. Rock this outfit transition challenge! 👑”  

Safe to say that everyone who did this challenge found a better way to use their time while flexing their outfit transformations, too.

Front Row Challenge

With runway shows being held virtually, 2021 missed out on the spectacle of seeing iconic outfits from those seated at the front row. Hence: the birth of the Front Row challenge. TikTokers showed off the outfits they’d wear to different fashion shows, so the experience of going all out at Fashion Weeks was revived for everyone to enjoy.

Bang Bang Bang Challenge

Be honest, where there‘s TikTok, there will always be a viral dance challenge. From Renegade to Savage, the platform never misses the opportunity to popularize a song and a dance. This year, we’ve got the Bang Bang Bang Challenge. This one gives a trendy spin to Big Bang’s classic song from 2015. This already hits two birds with one stone: unlocking hidden dance skills and moving around with this new dance craze.

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We’ve only reached the tip of the TikTok iceberg for 2021. More challenges and trends are bound to go viral as the year goes on. Don’t be shy to try them out once a new one takes over our timelines again!

Explore more dance crazes, look for outfit inspos and discover food recipes with TikTok!

Words Kai Franco

Art Matthew Fetalver

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