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7 IG Stores We’re Bookmarking in Preparation for the Holidays - go!
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7 IG Stores We’re Bookmarking in Preparation for the Holidays

Already thinking about where to buy Christmas gifts? Here are some of the trendy Instagram stores you can check out for your online holiday shopping

The holidays are fast approaching—with less than a month left on that Christmas countdown. If you’re already feeling the holiday spirit and want to get a head-start on your gift-shopping, now’s your time. Even so, we implore you to skip the trips to the malls and bazaars, and stay safe at home instead.

What we’ve discovered is there is no shortage of online stores you can check out for practical, creative and memorable keepsakes for friends and family; they’re all just right there on Instagram.

As small businesses turn to this social media channel to set up shop during the quarantine, Instagram shopping has ceased to become a secondary option for gift-giving events; it’s where brands have discovered an entirely new potential and, in turn, where social media users can discover them. With that, we’re here to help you get a leg-up on that gift list.

Scroll through for a rundown of the best IG stores you can check out for your online holiday shopping.


This store first had us on the creative wordplay. Bayongciaga sells stylish hand-woven bags and accessories that come from various provinces in the Philippines. This means this Instagram store sells Filipino-made bags while empowering and uplifting makers in different local communities. From totes and sling bags to even homeware furnishings, Bayongciaga has an array of quality pieces for your loved ones who are into dressing up.


Penny Pairs

If your friends are more into accessorizing with jewelry, then Penny Pairs is the store to visit. They carry everything—from earrings to necklaces, and rings that any fan of jewelry will enjoy. Since most of the collections here are made of 18K gold, rest assured you don’t only get pieces that are chic but are durable as well.


Dried Flowers Manila

Direct your attention now that that special someone in your life that has turned a plantito or plantita during the pandemic.

Giving your plant-loving loved one a chic floral arrangement is an option you can consider for the holidays. Since dried flowers, in this case, don’t need watering or any kind of high maintenance, this can help highlight their existing indoor plant arrangements. (Perfect for those who don’t have a green thumb, too.)


Platita MNL

Know anyone with a passion for collecting gorgeous dinnerware? Platita MNL will most probably have something they’ll be into. From mugs and plates to centerpiece vases, this store offers a vast collection of styles that can make anyone excited about home upgrades. You can even get cuisine-specific tableware like Japanese dining plates here (wood, glass and marble are all available).


Plant O’Clock Manila

This is for the loved one that wishes to live out their plantito/ plantita dreams. Plant O’ Clock Manila has a wide selection of plants on-hand—all housed in minimalist pots. Popular greens such as monstera, alocasia and syngonium are available at this online plant shop, too. So if gifting a “trendy” plant is something you have in mind, you can get that here.



If you know a bookworm or someone who’s working on building their home library, then Books2Go is the shop to check out. This online bookshop carries coveted international bestsellers that you might not find on the shelves of regular bookstores. They also have sets of popular book series such as A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson & the Olympians.



Last but not least, we have Papemelroti, a store to check out should you have creatives and artists in your life. If you’ve been in a Papemelroti store before, you already know this place is a haven for stationery, DIY and crafts fans. Here, you’ll find everything from notebooks and planners to stickers, art supplies and postcards.

While this brand has physical stores you can visit in select malls, it does promote shop links in its Instagram account for easy access online.


Online shopping can be just as (if not, more!) enjoyable as hitting the malls. To make sure you’ve got your other bases covered, here’s a question to start with: need more data to shop online? You can choose to get a 1GB of free Instagram per month with your chosen Globe postpaid plan.

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