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The Best of Laboracay in Photos | go! | Globe


The Best of #Laboracay in Epic Photos

If you missed out on the parties, sun and sand—don’t miss out on this rundown


Over the years, Labor Day has become synonymous to epic parties all around our little archipelago, but Laboracay is without a doubt the most popular of these celebrations. There was a lot lined up for 2017, but the long weekend did not disappoint. We could even say it surpassed our expectations.



The days started out as what you’d expect. Boracay is a pristine beach with fine white sand that stretches as far as the eye can see. The sun was always out and ready to kiss your skin. It was picturesque to say the least. But the activities didn't end when the sun started to descend.



Boracay = Choriburgers. There’s now here else to get them, and nothing will better fill you for the day – and night – ahead of you.



Globe hosted a sunset viewing party along Station 1 with the help of HOOQ and Netflix. Participants were able to unwind and relax with free movies that were streamed and the perfect sunset that followed.



Good thing, because what normally followed a calming sunset were parties that lasted to the wee hours of the morning. With #GlobeSunkissed, party-goers were able to enjoy the music of some of the best DJs of the metro, including Mars Miranda, Kat DJ, DJ Ron Poe and Gino V.



People were also able to dance to the beat of some notable international stars like Quintino and Matthew Koma.



Dance. Sweat. Enjoy. Sleep. Wake up. Repeat.


We’ll miss you, #GlobeBoracay #GlobeSunkissed. See you all again next year when we #HeatItUp yet again. 


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