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5 Break-up Lines We Can Actually Relate To

Hugot lines ahead!

“There’s no easy way to break somebody’s heart,” and so the song goes. 

It may be Valentine’s week, but for other people, it’s no cause for celebration. We’ve all had our fair share of heartaches, maybe when you first fell in love (AKA that “puppy love”) or when you met TOTGA (The One That Got Away). It may be really recent, so if you’re still in denial and maybe wallowing in grief, here are some break-up lines to relate to.

1. It's not you, it's me…

You and your ex both did your best to save the relationship, but one of you fell short. You might have used this line as well when you wanted to take into consideration the other party’s feelings. You may consider it a cop out, but sometimes, it’s less harmless than actually telling the truth. 

2. You're too good for me…

Sometimes, this line goes a little like this, “You deserve someone better.” It may be true but oftentimes, the flame may have already died down. You want adventure, excitement, thrill—qualities not available with the present. 

3. I can't keep hurting you…

So you won’t. You’d rather be considered the “bad one,” who people will eventually blame for the break-up than see your ex emotionally drained. 

4. I need to find myself…

Life on your own is already complicated as it is, and having your ex in the picture does not make it any easier. This person may simply not contribute to your growth or betterment.

5. I’m going through a lot right now…

You’re the quintessential millennial who’s ambitious, driven and passionate about what you do, while your significant other has hit a plateau. If your partner dilly-dallies and doesn’t meet you where you are, it truly makes the relationship less desirable. 

Now, we’re getting a bit jaded. Here’s to hoping you won’t have any break-up line used on you (or that you won't be dishing out these break-up lines yourself) any time soon!

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