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Christmas Gift Ideas Under 500 for Plantitas & Plantitos - go!
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For the ‘Plantitas’ and ‘Plantitos’ in Your Life: Christmas Gift Ideas Under ₱500

Looking beyond just plants, here’s a roundup you can turn to when gift shopping for your plant-obsessed loved one

With the pandemic requiring an extended call for staying at home, it comes as no surprise that people have picked up new hobbies to keep them occupied. Some have taken the opportunity to give their homes a makeover. Others have gotten into the bread-baking craze. And then there are those cultivating a newly-discovered green thumb: the plantitos and plantitas that have come to appreciate indoor gardening.

On the surface, it might not seem like much, but caring for indoor plants comes with notable benefits. Adding plants to your spaces can instantly brighten them up and uplift their overall atmosphere. It helps, too, that this hobby acts as a healthy escape while staying indoors; it’s no wonder that plant stores in the Philippines have risen in popularity this year.

On this side of the internet, it’s looking like a very merry plantito and plantita Christmas. Just ahead, we’re focusing our attention on Christmas gifts worth ₱500 (or less!) for your plant-loving friends and relatives. And hey, why not pick something out for yourself, too, while you’re here?

Gorgeous Handwoven Planters

First comes getting familiar with plants. Then comes having fun with the many ways to display them. It’s an added source of joy for plant parents to be able to showcase their healthy and beautiful plant babies.

What’s trendy but can also stand the test of time? Rustic woven planters. These basket plant holders from the Green Thumb MNL are locally sourced and come in different sizes (prices range from ₱250 to ₱400.) 

A Bottled Mossarium

Studio Habil’s bottled mossariums are perfect in more ways than one: they’re beautiful but low maintenance, and versatile as far as home decor goes. While the plantito or plantita in your life may be used to tending to their many plants, this is an excellent gift idea for those who like to design their spaces with greenery sans any meticulous daily care.

Studio Habil is available at Common Room PH, and you can get a bottled mossarium for just ₱389.

Macramé Plant Hangers

This one’s a chic way to display trailing plants.

If the plantito or plantita you’re shopping for happens to be fond of trailing or vining plants like pothos or philodendrons, or trailing succulents (like String of Hearts), consider one or two macramé plant hangers for Christmas.

The ones below from Tahanan Macrame retail for just ₱280. 

A Plant-Themed Embroidery Kit

Who says a person’s love for plants can’t extend to other hobbies? If you have a crafty, plant-loving relative, they’ll probably appreciate something unconventional yet fun (it’s a throwback to Home Ec days in grade school) like an embroidery kit.

Burda and You offers different plant-themed designs you can choose from: from the “Succulents Bonanza” design to the witty “When You Beleaf” theme. Each kit comes with a pre-printed cloth, an embroidery hoop, embroidery needles, embroidery floss and instructions. One kit costs just ₱350.

Succulent Plant Pots

If you’re looking for budget-friendly stores that sell pots for succulents, we’re here to point you in the direction of Farina Corner, a store that also sells wonderful Korean succulents.

For your succulent-loving friends or relatives, a good set of ripple pots can give their low-maintenance plants a quick upgrade. These items (worth ₱150 to ₱350 depending on the size) can easily fit right in at your loved one’s home, and can perhaps find a spot on their coffee table or bookshelf. 

Got 100 Globe Rewards points to spare? Why not plant a tree for Hineleban Foundation and encourage your friends and relatives to do the same? It’s the season of giving, and supporting this cause is a way of giving back.

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