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A Crash Course in Feng Shui for the Home

Redecorate your space for the 2019 Year of the Pig with feng shui tips from Globe At Home!

Whenever Chinese New Year rolls around, it seems there’s only one thing on our minds: good fortune. How can we increase our prosperity this year? Will the year be a good one in terms of health and wealth? How do we attract good energy? While we’ve already got one foot into the new year, it isn’t too late to discover the answers to these questions. In fact, the solutions to improving one’s fortune may lie nearer than we think: right in the comfort of home.

Before fully diving into the new year, put your creative hat on. With a little Feng Shui, even the simplest changes to your household—adding an element here, moving this piece of furniture there—can improve harmony with your environment.

Consider These Colors

Like last year, this year is grounded in the Earth element. However, while 2018 or the Year of the Earth Dog was grounded in Yang or bold, vibrant energy, the Year of the Earth Pig is rooted in the calmer, more soothing Yin energy. As Earth is nurtured by Fire, soft, warm colors like terracotta, coral, butter yellow and golden shades would be a wonderful addition to your decor at home. Perhaps it’s time to reupholster that sofa in the living room or even something as simple as throwing in a scented candle or a colored picture frame!

Clear the Clutter

A fool-proof rule through and through, doing away with mess is a Chinese New Year tradition none of us should ever skip out on. A clean, well-maintained space leaves room for good positivity––makes sense, doesn’t it? Get rid of items you no longer need, like that pile of DVDs and CDs that you haven’t touched in years. Instead, go disc-less and stream online. Make the internet your new TV and enjoy over 100 channels on demand with the Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered device!

Keep Everything Fast and Connected

Attract the luck and fortune you want by creating a sense of oneness and flow within your home. Since decorating your space with too much of the Water element during the Earth Year can cause an imbalance, capture that sense of free-flowing connectivity with your network. Enjoy speeds of up to 100mbps with Globe At Home's GoUNLI plans, or get the best bang for your buck with Globe At Home Prepaid Wifi and Homesurf15. Make sure every corner of your house is well-connected by adding Airties or TP Link Deco to your Globe At Home plan!

A Little Compassion Goes a Long Way

Generosity and a good-mannered temperament are second nature to the pig, and are qualities we should imitate when it comes to decorating our spaces. Don’t simply stick to your own plans: consider what your family would want too in order to make a safe place that is comfortable for everyone in the household.

Ask The Questions Yourself!

Looking for more tips and tricks to draw good fortune into the home this year? There’s no one better to learn from than a master in Feng Shui. On February 7, Globe At Home brings you an interactive Facebook live session with Master Hanz Cua. Ask away and learn about the do’s and don'ts of decorating your space.

Let the luck and fortune flow through your home with Master Hanz Cua’s Facebook live session with Globe At Home! Click through to tune in!

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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