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Creative Ways to Celebrate Halloween At Home - go!
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Creative Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home

Because being at home doesn’t have to be a restriction

Until 2020, Halloween was pretty straightforward: get the kids a Halloween costume, get the candies ready and get ready for an afternoon of walking around and knocking on neighbors’ doors. But those things and traditions we used to take for granted are things we can no longer do—but that doesn’t mean we can’t still creatively celebrate Halloween at the safety of our homes. 

But how? 

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Slather cobwebs on your cookies

Some families are made of bakers and some are not—but the upcoming weekend and the call to make yummy treats are not just for those blessed with skills in the kitchen. 

Instead of purchasing cookies that already have Halloween decorations, put them on yourself. When it comes to putting cobwebs on your cookies, all it means is melting some marshmallows, getting your hands a little dirty and a lot sticky!

Have a horror movie marathon

The list of movies to watch over Halloween weekend might depend on who you have at home with you, but there are horror films for everyone to watch. Take up classics like The Addams Family or Casper for the kids, or more recent films like Hotel Transylvania or Monster House. But if you’re in the company of brave hearts, why not finish The Conjuring franchise or some Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Get gaming

We all have our favorite virtual games, but in the spirit of Halloween, why not take the horror ones out for a spin?

There are endless options to choose from—Outlast, Resident Evil, Five Nights At Freddy’s and Amnesia, to name a few—so you won’t fall short. And because it’s always best to share, why not split the controller time with those at home? It’s only fair if each one gets their time to face their fears. 

Treat every door like a neighbor’s

Since the kids can’t knock on doors this year, you need to get creative this weekend. Treat the holiday festivities like an Easter Egg Hunt—except for Halloween candies. 

Hide a few in cupboards, different bedrooms, kitchen cabinets, under the sink in the bathroom. And just to make things a little more interesting, why not hide a few items that are more frightening than they are delicious?

Join Halloween virtual events

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Halloween at home? Not only doable and safe, but still completely entertaining!

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Matthew Fetalver

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