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Our 2017 Cyber Monday Wish List and Gift Ideas

Because Christmas shopping begins now!

Who doesn’t love a good bargain, especially when Christmas season hits and you know you have to #treatyoself and…well, family, friends, the S.O., inaanaks, officemates, bosses…the list goes on. And so begins the hunt for gifts that give you a major bang for your buck. Enter Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, where e-tailers offer their wares at too-good-to-be-true-but-they-are prices that are almost impossible to resist.


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Now the only dilemma would be what to get for that special someone or your inaanak, or the ultimate gift for yourself because #deserve. So in case you’re in need of ideas, here’s a list of things that’s on our gift and wish lists!


If you’re a ninong or ninang to little kids, this one’s for you:

For the pamangkin with two or more siblings, hit two birds with one stone and get them a gift they can all play with together:

Playground Swing Stent For Fingerlings Baby Monkey,Gbell

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Have a gamer S.O. who loves collector’s edition things of his favorite video games or characters?

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Meanwhile for friends who seriously love to snack, let them chew on these delicious limited edition treats:

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And for those mom friends who like to invest in high-tech gears for their baby:


And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for, gift ideas for yourself—from sports collectibles to trendy shoes and vinyl records of your favorite artists—because you worked so hard this year #deservenadeserve: 
For more gift ideas, head over to Amazon , the Earth’s largest selection. Download the app right here. 

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