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7 Easy Home Improvements You Can Make in 2022 - go!
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7 Easy Home Improvements You Can Make in 2023

Because home makeovers don’t always require major changes in one go

The beauty of makeover shows is the exploration of possibility. The shock that comes with seeing what’s achievable, the stark before-and-after contrasts: these get viewers excited about the chance to maybe do the same with their space. With still enough hopeful energy spilling over from the start of the year, it’s time to pursue it. Why not consider home upgrades you can pull off this year?

Apart from working on personal items (developing good habits and being diligent about your financial goals), refreshing the look and feel of your home can also help you get a boost this year. For easy home improvement ideas that you can pursue one project at a time, scroll through.

Repaint your interiors

Spot chipped, peeling, or cracking paint around the house? One way to rejuvenate your space is to give your room a fresh new coat. Wall makeovers are largely underestimated but make a big difference (a change in color alone creates a considerable impact). 

Before jumping into this home improvement project, you can look into the psychology behind color associations and be guided according to the kind of energy you’d like your space to give off. Dark blues are cool and mysterious; zesty yellows and greens are refreshing and vibrant. The failsafe light neutrals may not be as adventurous, but they always do the trick to give spaces a cozy, airy feel.

Build a smart home system

Home makeovers, of course, are not limited to interior design and home décor. On the tech and gadget front, try slowly incorporating smart home items into your space. What you’re after here is convenience: Smart home gadgets are designed to help you easily monitor and manage your home while controlling settings anytime, anywhere. 

There are a ton of smart home devices to choose from, but here’s a worthwhile base to cover first: boost your internet connection with the TP-Link Deco 5. This WiFi mesh system extends WiFi coverage to all rooms in your home, eliminating dead spots. This way, your smart gadgets can work seamlessly.

Level up your internet plan

This one’s a home improvement project that’s less visual, more experiential—and there’s no better time than now to upgrade your home internet. With Globe, for example, you can jumpstart your smart home journey with Globe Prepaid WiFi. You also get the option to upgrade your Globe Broadband plan to enjoy a stable connection while you work from home, stream your favorite titles on movie nights, bond with friends over co-op video games, and more.

Get creative with storage

Decluttering your living space is one thing; keeping things organized and following a smarter home storage system is another. Find out how you can optimize your space with storage solutions that can make communal areas of your home easier to navigate. Think: kitchen organizers for seasonings or cutlery, built-in shelves for books, or reworking the space underneath your stairs for bulkier items that don’t spark joy at the moment.

Create an indoor garden

Everyone could use more green in their lives—workspaces and living spaces included. If you aren’t confident about your plant care knowledge, there are resources online that can point you in the direction of easy-to-care-for, apartment-friendly plants. Try setting up an indoor garden by a windowsill and slowly work your way into filling the space. Aesthetic value aside, of course, houseplants are great for reenergizing a room, improving air quality and even reducing stress for those staying in it.

Set the mood with lighting

Lighting is crucial in that it can directly influence the mood and feel of a place. Bright white light tends to feel clinical. Warm yellow-white light is a little more relaxed. Yellow and dimmed-down, meanwhile, make for cozy mood lighting. With or without talk of fixtures, though, don’t forget: during the day, let natural light in when you can.

Upgrade your kitchen

If, over the quarantine, you fell in love with cooking, consider this as a sign to start your home makeover in the kitchen. Time spent at home has stretched across enough time in the pandemic for you to decipher which parts of the home you spend the most time in, so take that into account when deciding on home upgrades to invest in. This doesn’t mean a full-blown kitchen makeover, however; simple tweaks are enough. Maybe spring for a new knife set. Install floating shelves. Streamline your décor by following a specific color scheme. Why not redo your pantry?

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