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5 Email Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2021 - go!
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Get Some Good in Your Email: 5 Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2021

 Scroll mindfully

In this digital age, we’re conditioned to tap and scroll aimlessly through our feeds. With bite-sized information constantly fed to us at a rapid pace, our attention spans have gotten arguably shorter. The new year, however, presents us with an opportunity to foster new habits and practices to nurture our mental health and wellness.

There’s merit in subscribing to newsletters and taking sacred time and space to intentionally fill our minds with essential information—covering all bases from politics to pop culture, entertainment and passion. It’s never wasted time! 

Prepare your inbox as we guide you through newsletters to subscribe to this 2021. 

Good News by Good Good Good

Celebrate and do good with Good News by Good Good Good! After such a trainwreck of a year, we can easily feel cynical and defeated. It doesn’t help that we’ve conditioned ourselves to scour the internet for agitating headlines and “doomscroll.” Receive five good news stories in your inbox every Tuesday morning by subscribing to Good Good Good, ensuring you find hope every week amid such hopeless times.

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Brain Pickings

An “inventory of the meaningful life,” bestselling author Maria Papova made Brain Pickings 15 years ago as “a thoroughly one-woman labor of love.” Be enlarged and enriched this 2021 by receiving nuggets of wisdom worth reflecting on—from short poems to book reviews and other life-learnings.

Freelancing Females

Be part of the “largest community of freelance women” with Freelancing Females, “women cultivating each other’s ability to achieve independence through our work, for a more equitable and prosperous world.” Their useful resources will help you maximize your productivity and answer questions you may have about finding your voice, thriving in the workplace and, best of all, getting paid. 

Subscribe to Freelancing Females’ newsletter here

Diet Prada

For celebrity and fashion news—responsible but also petty journalism at its finest—worth your while, subscribe to Diet Prada, an Instagram duo and “fashion watchdog group” pushing the fashion industry to modify harmful practices.

Subscribe to Diet Prada’s newsletter here

Elemental by Medium

Free your mind with Elemental, a health and wellness publication by Medium, an open platform for writers all over. It’s “science-backed health and wellness coverage.” It’s your life, sourced by science. Live a healthy life by nurturing your mental health and wellness with the aid of ambitious and trustworthy reporting. 

Subscribe to Elemental by Medium’s newsletter here

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