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Who's Your Fashion Peg Among These Hot Pinay Leading Ladies?

Here’s some much-needed inspiration for your next #ootd


Andi Eigenmann, Arci Muñoz, Bela Padilla, Kim Molina and Yassi Pressman delighted audiences with their performance in 2016's Camp Sawi. In the movie, the actresses play women who have just ended their respective relationships (Read: How To Move On According to Camp Sawicolor). They check into a fictional boot camp for the broken hearted.


Just as the actresses showed their characters' distinct personalities on film, they each have their own unique sense of style that makes each stand out in real life. So, which among them has the fashion statement that's in sync with your own sartorial sensibilities?



What happens when boho chic gets an upgrade? You get the glamorous yet unaffected look that Andi rocks. Heck, the girl was hailed by Vanity Fair as one of the best dressed women at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. This girl has a knack for setting trends. We recall that she wore a mermaid crown at the Camp Sawi premiere in August this year. Suddenly, a lot of girls wanted one


ARCI MUÑOZ (Edgy Pop Princess)

If there's anyone who has perfected the art of pushing the fashion envelope, it's Arci. She aces the boyish, street-influenced look and also slays the bombshell look even when she's in cosplay mode. She's also not scared of experimenting with makeup and hair color.



BELA PADILLA (Dark Angel) 

You could say that the young actress is going through "a dark phase"—what with black as a dominant element in majority of her outfits. She offsets its severe effect with a pop of color, mostly through her tops and jackets.



KIM MOLINA (Sugar and Spice)

The young actress with the sultry look channels the right blend of girl-next-door and hot ingenue with her ensembles. She is innocent and yet gives off a hint of being provocative. Her fashion sense is the right mix of sweet and sexy.




Does this girl live in T-shirts, shorts and sneakers? Candy magazine described her style as "sporty chic mixed with lots of attitude and cool confidence." Yassi's carefree vibe is evident when she's in casual wear.



Catch Camp Sawi on HOOQ this November.


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