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Be inspired by these Filipino innovators who are pioneering change in the tech world

Are you an aspiring techpreneur with a flair for innovation? Maybe you’re thinking twice because of possible challenges that lie ahead—insufficient capital, increasing costs, skills shortages and the unpredictability of the market. The obstacles may be daunting, but it doesn’t mean you should give up that easily. 

Growing your business is our business, too. Here are five Filipino entrepreneurs and their novel causes to get you started.

Helping Farmers Succeed Through The Digital Market: Aaron David, Gorby Dimalanta, EJ Tamayao, Jay Garcia and Anjo Santos

What started out as a school project is now a thriving online platform, which helps farmers earn more profit from directly selling quality produce to buyers. E-magsasaka was developed by agripreneurs Aaron David, Gorby Dimalanta, EJ Tamayao, Jay Garcia and Anjo Santos.

It increases farmer profits inasmuch as 20 percent by reducing middlemen participation, enabling farmers to sell directly to individuals, hotels, restaurants, caterers and supermarket businesses at a reasonable price. Not only does E-magsasaka help consumers get their supply of fresh fruits and vegetables but it also assists farmers to adapt to the digital age and encourages the youth to venture into agri-business.

Turning Innovative Business Ideas into Reality: Diane Eustaquio

IdeaSpace is a non-profit tech company committed to encouraging start-ups to flourish. Diane Eustaquio, executive director, believes that supporting new entrepreneurs will propel the country’s economic growth through generating jobs and harnessing innovative solutions to pressing problems.

More than providing capital, the organization equips promising startups with acceleration and incubation support through mentorship on product development, customer understanding, managing finances and team management. 400 entrepreneurs have benefitted so far.

Raising Funds for Farmers via Crowdsourcing: Rachel de Villa

As a pioneer in tech-microfinancing, Cropital uplifts the lives of farmers by encouraging them to grow their money. The crowdfunding startup matches investors with farmers, providing them with crop insurance, training and access to technology partners. Investors can directly impact a farmer and also gain modest returns ranging from 3% to 20% per cycle.

Cropital is the brainchild of engineers from UP Diliman. Rachel de Villa, the organization’s chief technological officer, reached out to people and networks who could help them gain knowledge about farmers and their needs. From a capital of only ₱20,000, they have already raised $120,000 or ₱5.9 million for more than 600 farmers in four provinces in the country—many thanks to more than 500 investors worldwide.

Connecting Filipinos Through Social TV and Livestream: Ronaldo Ros

This homegrown app aims to create a whole new digital economy that supports Filipino creativity and ingenuity. Kumu, short for the Pinoy greeting kumusta, is a content and livestream app by and for Filipinos. Viewers can opt to “tip” or send digital tokens to their favorite livestreamers. This enables users to be self-sustaining content creators.

According to Ronaldo Ros, one of the founders of Kumu, their business venture started out as a challenge for Filipino-Americans to make a difference in their own country. Kumu is attracting a digitally-savvy, millennial audience and now has over 20,000 users in over 55 countries. It is available on Apple store and Google Play.

Maximize Your Business Potential

From the biggest companies around the globe to the local startup scene, techpreneurs are changing the way we think, learn, commute, shop, pay and more. With a clear vision, grit and purpose, you’re well on your way to using innovation for the greater good. 

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